Prevent Cancer by Adding Sweet Potatoes to Your Diet

Did you know that sweet potatoes, apart from being the cheapest vegetable on the market, can also be the healthiest? Most people call them a “superfood” because they’re good with anything and good FOR anything. But did you know that the simple sweet potato can also aid you in the fight against cancer? Yes, studies show that this vegetable provides all the nutrients that you need, along with a cancer-fighting potential.


Kill Tongue Cancer Cells with Sweet Potatoes

Not only will you get a great load of nutrients from sweet potatoes, but studies show that this vegetable also has properties that can fight cancer. A research conducted in 1931 led to the discovery of a unique protein found in sweet potatoes which acts as an anticancer barrier. It is said that 80% of that certain protein can kill off not just one, but several types of cancer cells, inhibiting their progress. Scientists first tested this protein on leukemia patients, and their discovery was that the leukemia cell growth was radically suppressed upon treatment.

Still, most people would ask themselves “how does this protein even enter our bloodstream?” The problem was that once most proteins enter the stomach, they get digested. To remove the digestion issue, scientists tried to apply the protein against tongue cancer cells. Tongue cancer is usually treated by means of chemotherapy, leaving the patient with various side effects. This is where the sweet potato protein came in handy, diminishing the cancer cells in a matter of days.

Now, researchers realized that sweet potatoes can treat tongue cancer. But what about other cancers? Could the protein be strong enough to treat them as well?

What the researchers were astonished to discover wasn’t only that this protein could survive digestion. They also discovered that it could enter the blood stream intact, leaving cancer patients to experience the full benefits. This was discovered after experimenting on 9 women with cervical cancer and at least two of them showed radical progress.

Research Leads to Sweet Potatoes Curing Deadly Cancer Cells

Colorectal cancer cells were found to be the most common and lethal types of cancer. Even though the normal procedure against it implied removing the colon, this strategy would only work in its early stages before the cancer cells started spreading. But it was discovered that sweet potatoes can not only stop the growth of cancer in the colon while acting as an anti-metastatic agent, but it could also decrease the invasion and migration of the cancer cells. Sweet potatoes are also said to lower the risk of gallbladder cancer. Although it wasn’t necessarily scientifically proven, there is no downside to adding sweet potatoes to your diet.

Not only are sweet potatoes delicious, but they can also help you get all the nutrients that you need at the cheapest price, and also help in the fight against the lethal cancers that are becoming more often nowadays. Enjoy a healthy sweet potato snack, and reap all the health benefits from this vegetable.

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  1. Sweetpotatoes are very good for a person’s health!

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