Papaya Leaves – Health and Beauty Benefits

Generally speaking, papaya is a famous fruit, known all over the world for its taste and health benefits. However, most of the people who consume papaya don’t know that its leaves are the most beneficial.

papaya leaves benefits

Of course, the taste differs, but so do the health and beauty benefits. The leaves are loaded with phytonutrients, which give them the bitter taste, but also the healing ability.

Internal and External Uses

Like many other natural home remedies, papaya leaves can also be used both internally and externally. For instance, if you suffer from freckles, skin conditions or have an infected cut, you can apply compresses with papaya tea leaves directly on the affected area. The beneficial proprieties of these leaves will help your skin to rejuvenate quicker.

If you choose to use it internally, you will benefit from a broad range of nutrients and proprieties. Papaya leaves tea is especially used in treating upset stomach and other digestive problems, as well as excess water retention.

Problems with Your Blood Sugar Level or Immunity?

If you have issues with one or both of these aspects, the right solution is papaya leaves tea. A 2012 study confirmed the hypoglycemic effect of these leaves on the body. The participants were injected with a substance containing papaya leaves extract. After only four days, the results were crystal clear for the researchers. The blood glucose levels were increased in all the participants, but their body weight was decreased.

Scientific research revealed that the liquid extract from this kind of leaves improves the metabolic disruption, common especially for diabetics.

The antioxidants contained in the papaya leaves can also protect your body from oxidative stress, kidney damage, and fatty liver.

Anti-cancer proprieties

In traditional medicine, this part of the papaya is largely used for treating a wide variety of disease. Some of them are life-threatening, such as cancer.

However, not only traditional medicine encourages the use of papaya leaves for cancer, as their effect is proven by scientific studies, too. For example, a recent one made in Tokyo revealed that papaya leaves extract inhibits the activity of tumor cells. This means that this part of the plant prevents the growth of the cancer cells, and it also stimulates the anti-tumor effect.  This extract is recommended for those who want to prevent cancer, or to boost the effect of their current treatment for cancer. If you follow such therapy at the moment, you are advised to ask your doctor about papaya leaves before using them.

How to Prepare Papaya Leaves Tea

In order to make a papaya leaves tea, you will need only water and the said leaves.

In a pot, put a gallon of water and then add ten papaya leaves. Boil them until only a quarter of the initial quality is left, and then strain the mixture. Consume a small amount of this tea daily to boost your immunity, balance your blood sugar levels, detoxify your body and treat digestive problems.

Caution: When mixed with other herb or medication, this tea can cause side effects. Ask a doctor before consuming this tea is you also follow any prescribed treatment.

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