Onions – The Ultimate Cure

Onions represent an incredible ingredient when it comes to all sorts of food, but have you ever thought about its curative effects. You would be amazed to know how useful an onion can be and how many things you can do with it, from curing fever, ear infections, coughing and more.


Onions have a lot of benefits. They can assist in regulating the levels of cholesterol or treating the people who suffer from diabetes. This vegetable can also boost your immunity and decrease the risk of having a heart disease.

There are a lot of amazing ways in which onions can be used.

  • Onions can treat chest congestion. You just have to make a paste from a few onions and apply it on the affected zone, respectively the chest. Don’t forget to place a towel over it for ten minutes.
  • Colic can also be treated with onions. All you have to do is dice a yellow onion and boil it in water. Pour the resulted soup in a bowl and give to your child one teaspoon of this liquid every hour.
  • Onions are a great treatment for ear infection or pain. Chop an onion and put it into a sock immediately. All you have to do is place the filled sock on your affected ear and secure it with a hat.
  • If you cut yourself and you are bleeding, the blood can be stopped using the skin of an onion. The most amazing thing is that the onion also has antiseptic properties for the wound.
  • If you are coughing really bad, then all you have to do is take an onion and cut it in half. On each side of the onion, place some brown sugar and cover everything with a paper towel. After an hour, eat the onions and you’ll definitely feel better.
  • Fever can also be treated with onions, but you have to rub your feet with some coconut oil first. Take an onion, cut it in slices and place them on your both feet, right into your arch. Secure the zone with food foil and remove the onion slices in the morning.
  • If you want to cleanse the air from toxins, you might be surprised how helpful an onion can be. You just need to place some onion slices throughout the house.

Onions have other amazing uses, like repelling bugs by rubbing areas from your body with onion slices, promoting the hair growth by rubbing it with the juice resulted from this vegetables and also repelling moths.

All in all, onions are incredible vegetables and have a lot of great uses. From health treatments, or repelling insects, to increasing hair growth, you will never be disappointed by all the things that onions can do. Moreover, you must not forget that onions are some very tasty and flavored vegetables too, and it will be a shame not to use them in your meals.

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