Okra – The Revolutionary Cure for Diabetes

Even though it is sometimes seen as a comfort food, okra is really healthy and brings along a lot of benefits for the health, when the preparation process does not imply any frying or battering.

It has a positive impact on your health mainly because it is filled with a large amount of potassium, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it has zero calories, so eating it in large amounts will not damage anyone’s weight.


Curing Diabetes

There have been plenty of research conducted in this area and all studies brought to the surface one thing: okra can help in the curing process of diabetes.

One of the studies has been published in the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences and it was performed by a few researchers from India who experimented on rats. The result of the research was that the seeds and the peels of okra have anti-diabetic properties. This conclusion has been reached after the level of the glucose in the blood has been stabilized.

During this study, there were 2 groups of rats. The first was given a solution of okra pods soaked in water, while the other received another type of solution. The results indicated the fact that the okra helped in diminishing the level of absorption of glucose and decreased the level of sugar in the rats’ blood.

The recipe for treating diabetes

It might sound surprising, but preparing okra water can actually work in the curing of the diabetes and in stabilizing the sugar level in the blood. Here is how to prepare it:

  • Wash 4 medium sized okra pods.
  • Cut the ends of the pods.
  • Split the pods in half or stab them on opposite sides, using a fork.
  • Put the pods in a glass and pour some clear water on them. It should be at the room’s temperature.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Squeeze the pods before removing them from the water.
  • Remove the pods and drink the water.

It is recommended to do this once a day in order to treat or to prevent diabetes.

Given the fact that it is an annual plant, it might be hard to find in a fresh form, during some seasons. You can, however, use canned or frozen okra to prepare the water throughout the whole year.

Pay attention to Metformin. If the doctor prescribed you Metformin, be aware that drinking okra water could potentially interfere with Metformin’s ability to control the level of the sugar in your blood. Also, the level of the glucose could increase, instead of dropping, if okra water is used at the same time with the Metformin treatment. Talk to your doctor before taking any step further.

Okra water should be used wisely, as a component of a healthy diet and not as a way of consuming sugary foods, even though it does stabilize the sugar level in the blood.

Using alternative treatments should not be seen as a free pass to eat junk food and then hope to get away with it.

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