Oatmeal – The Cure for Numerous Diseases

In various parts of the world, oatmeal has become the new popular healthy breakfast. However, you should know that its benefits go beyond this area because these cereals can be used for numerous medicinal purposes thanks to their high nutrient content.

Oatmeal – The Cure for Numerous Diseases

Oatmeal is beneficial in regulating the cholesterol level, blood sugar level and blood pressure. It is also an excellent digestive remedy that controls the bowel movements and combats chronic constipation. Nutritionists believe that oat can sustain the recovery and regeneration processes. They also say that, when consumed frequently, oatmeal can prolong life.

Raw oats were included in the diets around 1900s and they were always consumed before every mealtime to improve digestion and overall health. That was also the period when the famous combinations between oats and dried fruits (bananas, apples, raisins, walnuts), spices (cinnamon), milk, yogurt or natural juices were created.

Tea to Soothe the Nervous System

Oatmeal is extremely useful for those suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety or fatigue because it boosts the nervous system. The oat tinctures made with alcohol and the oat teas can be used as natural sedatives and remedies to decrease cholesterol and high blood pressure. They are also incredibly useful for those suffering from colon cancer.

Mix 1 tablespoon of oat with 1 cup of boiling water and let them infuse for 10 minutes. This tea has a great taste and aroma, but you can also serve it with honey and milk. For a more relaxing effect, you can add chamomile or lavender.

This tea can also be consumed by women who just gave birth, because it eases the pain and discomfort, boosts the immunity and treats varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Oat Baths for Pains and Diseases

Oatmeal baths can be extremely useful for those who are recovering after kidney diseases, kidney stones, liver conditions, rheumatism, arthritis or muscle stiffness. Moreover, oatmeal will cleanse the skin and leave it extremely smooth.

In order to prepare an oat bath, you must grind a cup of oat flakes, grains or straws in a blender until you get a fine powder. Put this powder in the hot bath water and mix until it has completely dissolved. Be careful when you get out of the water, because the oat will make the water more slippery than usual. Soak in that water for 15 – 20 minutes. You can take up to 2 oat baths per day.

Useful Oat Recipes for Skin

Acne. Boil the oat flakes in water until they become soft. Let them cool down for 15 minutes and after that apply the paste on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and after that wash it off with lukewarm water. This remedy will remove the oil excess, the bacteria and dead skin cells and, as a result, it will combat acne.

Dandruff. Mix the ground oat flakes with water or shampoo, then use the mixture to gently rub the scalp. Rinse with water. You can repeat the procedure anytime you think it’s necessary.

Dry skin, measles, eczema and bug bites. If you have dry skin, you must mix 1 banana with 1 cup of oatmeal powder. Apply the mixture on your face and keep it on for 15 minutes. After that, wash it off with cold water. The skin will become soft and moisturized. For the other skin conditions, you can only use a mixture of oat flakes and water.

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