Natural Treatments for Lowering the Blood Sugar

People who suffer from type-2 diabetes have a hard time in controlling their blood sugar. These blood sugar levels can get quite high sometimes, about 150 points, but this doesn’t mean that you immediately have to take more medication because then, your blood sugar will get too low. If you want to do something about this problem, you must do it the natural way. There are various healthy remedies, diets and treatments that can immediately lower the blood sugar levels without causing you more harm. Let’s see some of them.

Natural Treatments for High Blood Sugar Levels

Low-Carb Diet

When dealing with high blood sugar levels, you must stay away from carbs like those found in potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, grains and root vegetables. Instead, you can consume foods like lean meats, berries, nuts and leafy greens to stabilize your blood sugar. You can get all your vitamins from these products, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be missing some of the vital nutrients.

If you do need to consume carbohydrates, try to not eat them all in one meal. Spread them throughout the day so that the body has the time to metabolize the sugar. This way, you’ll also feel less hungry.

Red Wine

It has been said that a glass of red wine per day is beneficial for your heart, but it seems that it’s also good for your blood sugar levels. In fact, the only type of alcohol that does not lower the blood sugar is beer because it contains carbohydrates. Red wine has the ability to prevent the glucose from being absorbed by the intestines. This must not become a regular treatment because it can to liver fat build-up.

Unsweetened Tea

For this condition, you can consume green, white and black teas as they all have the capability to lower the blood sugar levels in just half an hour. However, you must consume them without sugar or honey if you want to see the effects. You can also use green tea supplements when dealing with high blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon Pills

Cinnamon is quite effective in reducing the blood sugar levels, but some people don’t like the taste of this spice. Luckily for them, the healthy food stores sell cinnamon supplements to help you cope with this condition. Take 3,000 milligrams of this supplement with every meal and you will see the effect in one hour.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This miraculous product is great for numerous ailments and conditions and having high blood sugar levels is one of them. The greatest thing about it is that it can reduce these levels in both type-2 diabetics and pre-diabetic. If you don’t like its taste, you can also find it in an extract that is not that sour. Unlike the other remedies, the apple cider vinegar will take longer to take effect, about several hours. At the same time, you must use it as a preventive measure.

Besides these natural treatments that will help you lower the blood sugar levels, you can also try to get more sleep, reduce the stress levels and do some exercise.

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