Natural Treatments for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects more and more people all around the world. It is normally triggered by the body’s inability to utilize the insulin of by the lack of insulin. Obesity and stress are the main causes for diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, Type 2 and Type 1 and even though they are treatable, they cannot be completely cured. However, the diabetes symptoms and the blood sugar levels can be reduced with various natural treatments.

Natural Treatments for Diabetes


Cinnamon is especially for those diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. This spice has the capability to promote the insulin production and as a result, lower the sugar levels. Some people prefer to take cinnamon by mixing it with water or tea, while others take it directly as a powder. For the treatment to be effective, you must keep it for almost 40 days.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The blood sugar levels can be effectively controlled with apple cider vinegar. It is also effective in controlling the blood glucose levels. Last, but not least it burns the fat and helps you with weight management, given that obesity can cause diabetes. Combine 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a pinch of salt and a glass of water and drink this solution before every meal. It may not be that tasty, but it’s helpful.

Aloe Vera

If you want to combat diabetes, you can do it by using aloe vera gel. This plant has phytosterols that bear anti-hyperglycemic properties. Thus, this beneficial gel is extremely helpful for people with type-2 diabetes. When mixing aloe vera with bay leaves and turmeric, you can obtain one of the most powerful anti-diabetic treatments out there. Add a teaspoon of each of the plants and combine with a glass of water. Drink this solution every day to decrease your blood glucose levels.

Flaxseed Oil

This natural treatment is extremely simple. Mix almost 1.5 ounces of flaxseed oil with milk or cheese and blend until you obtain a fine paste. You can eat alone or with fruits for a better taste. Include this treatment in your daily diet so as to lower your blood sugar level and ease the symptoms associated with diabetes.


If you drink enough water, 8 glasses per day, you will mobilize your body’s fluids and the excess sugar will be transported throughout the body to the cells and organs that have the ability to transform it in a source of energy. At the same time, water will eliminate the toxins from your organism, including the excess sugars that otherwise would enter your blood stream.

Mango Leaves

This is a rare, yet efficient diabetes natural treatment. You can find mango leaves at any healthy food or grocery store. Boil up to 4 mango leaves in water and use the mixture to drink it every morning. This can also work as a preventive treatment against diabetes. The leaves can also be dried and then transformed into powder and you can consume ½ teaspoon of it two times per day.

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