Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The condition called chronic fatigue syndrome affects millions of people all over the world and it is triggered by psychological, genetic, biologic, infectious and environmental factors. However, there are no clear causes that lead to this disease. The most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are depression, severe headaches, digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, respiratory and cardiovascular distress, ongoing exhaustion and disturbed sleep. This condition can have a negative impact on your life, so it must be treated as soon as possible. For better results, you could try some of the following natural treatments.

cNatural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Licorice is similar to steroids, helping the body produce adrenaline and cortisol and improving the organism’s response to anxiety and stress. If you feel weakened, licorice can immediately boost your immune system by fighting against fatigue and providing you with excess energy.

Valerian Root

This herb is extremely beneficial for those suffering from restless sleep disorder and insomnia. If you consume valerian root on a regular basis, you can promote sleep and in the morning you will feel revitalized and full of energy. Thus, valerian root can counter the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome.


Stress can be the main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and ginseng is widely known for combating stress. At the same time, ginseng can improve the alertness and vitality and it can be successfully used by the individuals suffering from physical or mental exhaustion. Ginseng also contains antioxidants that enhance your immune system and protect you against infections. Last, but not least, ginseng boosts physical and mental performances.


Grains in general are a source of energy and oats in particular can help your body regain its top shape. Moreover, oats contain numerous nutritious elements necessary for your organism to function normally. At the same time, oats can ease the heart palpitations and control the cardiovascular system and they can also reduce insomnia. Since they are the brain food, oats also clear the mind and stimulate the mental acuity and activity.

St. John’s Wort

This is a popular and beneficial herb and it is used for numerous conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome. St. John’s Wort is helpful for relieving anxiety and depression and it promotes restful and good sleep. Furthermore, the plant can fight against viral strains like herpes simplex virus that can cause fatigue and exhaustion.

Bee Pollen

This natural treatment is one of the best when it comes to treating chronic fatigue syndrome. It contains numerous nutrients, enzymes, proteins and amino acids and can help your body regain its energy. Consume bee pollen regularly and you will be able to fight against mental and physical weakness caused by chronic fatigue syndrome. If consumed in the morning, it also offers you enough energy for the day.


This is an alternative treatment and it is used for numerous conditions and diseases. Acupuncture treats exhaustion, insomnia and the immune system weakness. When done properly, this remedy also makes the organ systems stable and regulates the internal functions.

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