Natural Cough Treatments

Coughing can happen for a number of reasons: pollen, dust, bacteria or viruses. All these factors can irritate your airways and the nerves located between the lungs and the throat. As a result, you start coughing, but this is just a way for your body to clear the passages. Most of the times, coughing is common and people don’t think of it as a health issue. However, a chronic cough could mean that you have a serious illness and you should immediately visit the doctor. Coughing can come with various side effects such as incontinence, exhaustion, chest pain or the inability to sleep. Using over-the-counter medicines for this condition might help you, but they can come with numerous side effects. So, instead, you can choose to call on natural cough treatments. Some of the most popular will be presented right here.

Natural Cough Remedies

1. Cough Syrup Made of Honey

Numerous studies have shown that honey is extremely efficient in treating sore throats and coughs. You can consume it alone – a few teaspoons of honey per day, or you can choose to make a mixture from lemon juice, coconut oil and honey. The latter will bring you extra benefits. If you want to try an older and out of the ordinary recipe, then you can mix honey with a shot of bourbon and drink it before you go to sleep.

2. Honey and Black Pepper Tea

Honey enters the scene again, but this time in a mixture with black pepper. Honey will relieve your cough, while black pepper will stimulate the mucus flow and the circulation. Put 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of ground pepper in a cup of boiling water and let for 15 minutes to steep. Then, you can strain and drink.

3. Lemon

It sounds sourly, maybe because it actually is, but eating lemon when you suffer from coughing can be extremely efficient. In fact, for an even better result, you must sprinkle the lemon with pepper and salt and then suck it. If this is a bit too much for you, the idea of hot lemonade might sound better. Put honey instead of sugar and there you have your cough remedy.

4. Ginger

As you may know by now, ginger is a powerful natural medicine and one of the numerous conditions it can cure is cough. It has decongestant and antihistamine properties and it can immediately treat symptoms of flu and cold. Prepare a ginger tea made of fresh ginger (12 slices) and 3 cups of boiling water. Add lemon and water and let it steep for a few minutes, then drink it while it’s still hot.

5. Thyme Tea

Thyme is commonly used in Germany to treat whooping cough, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. This herb has the ability to reduce the inflammation and relax your ileal and tracheal muscles. An efficient thyme tea can be made of boiling water and 2 teaspoons of thyme leaves. Let it steep for ten minutes, strain it and add lemon and honey for extra benefits and a better taste. Drink it hot for better results.

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