Your Nails ‘Speak Up’ about Your Health

When we take care of our nails, we do it mostly for aesthetic purposes. But did you know that this tiny part of your body can reveal crucial aspects regarding your health? The way in which your nails look may signalize serious health conditions. Don’t overlook the clues that nails provide to you and don’t hurry to cover them with nail polish because, this way, you can hide important health warnings.

nails reveal health problems

Yellow Nails

If you have noticed that your nails have recently turned to a yellow shade, and you are not a smoker, this color may be given by a health problem. The most common cause of this issue is a fungus.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from diabetes are more prone to develop a fungal infection of their toenails. So if you tend to have yellow and brittle toenails very often, despite the fact that you are taking treatment for nail fungus, you may be diabetic, too.

However, some of the causes are not so alarming. Nails may turn into a yellow color if you use nail products excessively. Try to go with a natural look for a while and see if there is any improvement of your nails’ color. If not, you may suffer from a health problem, in some cases even a severe one, such as lung infections, liver conditions, bronchiectasis, and psoriasis, so you are advised to see a doctor.

Very Thick Nails

Even though you may be happy that your nails never split, excessively, thick nails are also a warning sign.

There is no need to worry if your nails have suffered a trauma. In this case, their thickness is perfectly normal. But if not, they may indicate a fungal infection, thyroid disease, or psoriasis.

Split Nails

Cracked and split nails are a common nail issue, but this doesn’t make it normal. In fact, they indicate common health problems, such as nutritional deficiencies. Most of the people who have split nails have acid folic, protein or vitamin C deficiency. Chronic malnutrition is another cause of split nails. Even though you may consider this health issues unimportant, nutritional deficiencies will not only cause nail issues, but also a wide range of diseases, so that you should take action.

However, fungal nail infections, lichen planus – a skin condition – nail psoriasis, or thyroid problems can also be signalized by cracked and split nails.

If you have a proper nail care routine and avoid excessive water contact but you still have this problem, you should consult a doctor.

Dull Nails

If you notice that your nails have become pale and dull lately, most probably you suffer from iron deficiency. This health issue leads to anemia when not treated.

When the level of red blood cells is low, your blood does not have the proper amount of oxygen, which means that it cannot provide the right oxygen supply to your organs and tissues. For this reason, your skin and nails look paler.

Other causes of pale and dull nails include hepatitis, malnutrition, kidney, liver, and heart disease.

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