Massage Points For Releasing Stress and Curing Common Ailments

Massage has been used for thousands of years as therapy. Even though it has been used first in traditional medicine, now modern medicine uses it as well. The results cannot be ignored, and science proved the effect of massage on your health state. It is amazing what kinesiotherapy combined with massage can do for persons who need to improve mobility and strengthen muscles, joints, and even bones. This treatment is used especially to help your body recover from injuries, but also to prevent some injuries – for example, many professional athletes uses kinesiotherapy and massage to improve their performances and to lower the risk of accidents.

massage points

Now that you see the benefits of massage, you may wonder what you can do by yourself, at home, without calling a therapist. Yes, you may be your own therapist, and you can help your body release stress and heal some common ailments. Reflexology affirms that there are some touchpoints on your body that once massaged, can do miracles!

What are the massage points for your health problems?

  • Sleep disorders and stress – there is a specific point on your leg which can help you get rid of stress. Moreover, massaged before you go to bed, it will improve your sleep quality, and it will help you fall asleep quicker. This point is on your leg. Put your palm on the inside of your leg, just above your ankle. What you have to do now is to warm your arms and then press the area gently. After you do this, start massaging the point and continue for a few minutes – it is recommended to massage the area for 10 minutes a day. This helps your spleen to work better, which has a great effect on your blood cells. The spleen produces and removes blood cells so that an improvement of its function will help your entire body to work better. Massaging this point is very efficient in case of menstrual pain and low libido, too.
  • Migraines and headaches – most of the headaches are caused by a tensed sternocleidomastoid. This is a large cervical muscle. This muscle is the one which helps your head to rotate and helps you to flex your neck. Because of a bad position in front of a computer or prolonged hours in front of a desk, this muscle is overstrained. Moreover, nowadays people don’t have a daily routine of exercises, so the muscles are not strengthened. A reaction of your body to all these factors is a headache. The pain can be localized on your forehead, on the back of the head, or on your ear. You can release the pain by pressing the sternocleidomastoid. Put your fingers on the muscle and keep pressing for about a minute. Then, you can massage the area gently; continue even if you feel like the point is painful.
  • Digestion – if you have digestion issues, a simple solution is to massage your palms for about a minute. For this purpose, you can use a small ball, like a golf ball.  Put it in your palms and massage their bottom with it. This will stimulate your digestive system, and your digestion will be improved. Yes, it is as simple as that.

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