Lose Weight with This Type of Carb

When it comes to losing weight, avoiding carbs seems to be a must. Everyone knows that you have to stay away from any kind of food high in fat, sugar, and carbs if you want to look good or lose a few pounds.

carb for weight loss

But is this the real secret to getting fit? According to Dr. Hyman, author of “Eat Fat, Get Thin”, and many other specialists, you should not avoid all types of carbs for this. In fact, some of them can even help you to lose weight quickly, and in a healthy manner.

What Is That Amazing Carb?

If refined carbs are so detrimental to your health, is it possible to consume a type of carb without getting fat? Yes, potato starch is a special kind of starch, with unique proprieties that will amaze you.

This nutrient is also called resistant starch and improves your metabolism, balances your blood sugar level, and optimizes your gut flora. All these together promote weight loss and contribute to a better overall health.

The name of this type of starch suggests some of its proprieties. Resistant starch does not get digested in the small intestine, but it’s the gut bacteria that have to process it. This way, it contributes to the production of beneficial molecules, which are necessary for a healthy gut flora. These molecules also balance the blood sugar levels in your body, so that the digestion of this particular starch do not lead to high levels of blood sugar or insulin levels, as it usually happens in the case of other starches.

However, you must know that you cannot benefit from the resistant starch in any potato or rice meals, for instance. There are several cooking rules you have to follow to take full advantage of this starch.

How You Should Cook to Benefit from Resistant Starch

One of the most important aspects about resistant starch is that you need to cook most of your meals (such as potato or rice dishes) to benefit from it. Otherwise, you end up consuming only starch, which is, in fact, damaging to your health and shape. But when you cook, regular starch is transformed into resistant starch.

Another essential thing you have to know is that you must never reheat a certain cooked meal that contains starch. This way, you will destroy the proprieties of resistant starch.

You can also incorporate resistant starch in your diet by consuming almond milk. Besides its pleasant taste, you also benefit from resistant starch that helps you get rid of fat tissues. Fat coconut milk yogurt is another tasty suggestion for this, and it can be easily added to your smoothies.

If you want to benefit from best results, you should also consume foods that are rich in prebiotics. For instance, try to eat at least one of the following daily: bananas, raw chicory, onions, garlic, dandelion leaves, Jerusalem artichokes, and leeks. Fiber-rich meals are also a must, so don’t avoid broccoli, green beans, zucchini, eggplants, and asparagus.

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