Licorice – The Shield Against Diseases

Licorice, also known as liquorice, has a very rich flavor and it’s extracted from the plant species known as Glycyrrhiza. The herb is grown mainly in Asia and Southern Europe and people also call it “sweet root”. The Chinese medicine has used it for thousands of years because of its numerous health benefits. Licorice is also used in numerous dishes and it is known for providing vitality and longevity. This herb contains vitamin E and the B-complex and numerous minerals, including quercitin, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and many more. This one-of-a-kind remedy can be used for numerous health conditions, as mentioned below.

Licorice – The Shield Against Diseases

Protects the Liver

Numerous studies have demonstrated that licorice has hepatoprotective effects. It contains glycyrrhizin, a compound that is used to treat numerous liver disorders. It stabilizes the normal functions of the liver and it also reduces the toxicity. The licorice also features flavonoids with inhibitory and antioxidant powers that protect the liver from oxidative stress, diet-induced injuries and high-fat.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Licorice can be used to treat different kinds of cancer due to its chemopreventive effects. The licorice root has been found to inhibit the development of the breast cancer cells. It also contains numerous flavonoids that induce the cell death and stop the colon carcinogenesis. Further research has shown that the licorice extracts have anti-tumor activities and prevent the development of tumor cells and they also diminish the toxicity levels caused by the chemotherapy drugs. The patients with prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis can also benefit of the numerous properties offered by the licorice extracts. This extract should be avoided by the cancer patients who use cisplatin therapy.

Treats Tuberculosis

The licorice can also be utilized to treat the pulmonary tuberculosis and speed up its healing process. The licorice comes with antimicrobial and antimycobacterial properties that transform it into an antitubercular agent. It can also treat various other lung infections and disorders.

Detoxifies the Body

The laxative properties of the licorice will stimulate the detoxification of the blood supply and the colon. The research has demonstrated that licorice contains dehydroglyasperin, a compound that induces the antioxidant enzymes and the phase-2 detoxification. As a result, it stimulates the body to discard poisonous and harmful toxic wastes.

Skin Health

The licorice heals the skin and can fight against psoriasis, the athlete’s foot and eczema. When applied topical, the licorice extract relieves the itching and the swelling and it also has skin-lightening properties. It improves the facial redness, reduces the inflammation and also protects against the harmful UV radiation.

Beneficial in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The licorice helps the adrenal glands work normally. These glands produce the cortisol and various other hormones that manage the stress and improve the overall function of the body. However, you should avoid consuming too much licorice. This extract can be taken by those who have undergone a surgery or who are on steroids, as it eases the stress and speeds up the recovery process. By consuming licorice, you will also feel more energetic and you can combat the fribromyalgia and the chronic fatigue syndrome.

The licorice has many other uses and it is beneficial for infections, the immune system, the cognitive function, the cardiovascular health, the dental health, depression, hair care, hepatitis, obesity and female fertility.

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