Licorice Increases Immunity, Prevents and Treats Allergies and Respiratory Affections

Licorice is an aromatic plant originating in the Orient, and it is used as a flavorful spice in drinks and foods. It encompasses impressive therapeutic properties. In naturist medicine, it is highly acknowledged as an amazingly effective plant that promotes immunity and treats depression.

licorice for respiratory diseases

Licorice grows immunity in people suffering from allergies and reduces the severity of allergic reactions

Licorice encompasses the amazing capacity to treat allergies, thanks to its effective antihistamine properties and because this plant stimulates the secretion of natural cortisone – a powerful, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory substance.

Its anti-allergic properties are utterly effective in treating allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and bronchitis.

All kinds of allergies can be treated by consuming the licorice tincture you can procure in naturist shops. 2-4 teaspoons should be taken a day, for ten days.

Licorice – a calming remedy for respiratory affections

Licorice can treat colds and the flu. Various other respiratory affections can be either treated or prevented with the help of this marvelous plant. Licorice presents a calming and healing effect on the respiratory system. It decreases inflammation and embodies an effective expectorant action. Moreover, it makes the cough more productive, helping you to eliminate the phlegm, while relaxing bronchitis spasms.

This plant ameliorated congestions and severe coughs as it thins the mucus in the respiratory channels, and eliminates excessive secretions. Licorice root contributes to reducing fever and calming disturbing headaches, thanks to its properties, which are similar to aspirin.

In treating dry, irritating coughs, asthma, bronchitis, congestion, excessive mucus secretion, or other respiratory affections, a licorice gargle is recommended for best results. 2-3 cups of licorice infusions should be consumed a day for this purpose. Keep the treatment for ten days.

Licorice presents additional characteristics for healing respiratory affections; it grows the body’s capacity to protect itself against diseases.

Thanks to its action on the suprarenal glands, licorice root can contribute to improving resistance to physical and emotional stress, being utterly effective after surgery or in excessive weariness and fatigue.


Treatments based on licorice shouldn’t be carried out for more than 4-6 weeks. Between treatments, pauses of 2-3 weeks should be made. Licorice root is contraindicated for persons suffering from severe health conditions including arterial hypertension, tumors, severe cirrhosis, and so on.

Additionally, this plant is also contraindicated during pregnancy, in combination with digoxin in particular.

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