Kidney Stones Olive Oil and Lemon Juice: How to Use it

Since ancient times, olive oil was used as an elixir of health. Today, the miraculous olive oil is considered a key ingredient, especially for Mediterranean diets. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended olive oil for more than 60 medical therapies. Researchers in recent years confirm its curative benefits.

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Olive oil for kidney stones

Olive oil is perfectly tolerated by our stomach and this is why it is recommended as a cure for ulcer. But one of its most popular benefits is the capacity of preventing the formation of kidney stones.

The olive oil you use for removing kidney stones has to be authentic. The best olive oil is the cold pressed green olive oil. After a few weeks of consuming olive oil, your kidney stones will be completely eliminated. However, you should know that the process can be painful. In case you’re experiencing kidney pain, see a doctor to ease it with analgesics.

Although olive oil is an efficient natural remedy for dissolving your gallstones, note that this treatment can’t guarantee you a complete solving of their cause. Once you had kidney stones, you are likely to develop this condition again in the future. In that case, the treatment can be resumed.

How to use olive oil for kidney stones?

Recipe 1. Olive oil and lemon juice

Kidney stones can be easily dissolved by ingesting a mixture of 3 tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of two lemons. Mix the ingredients and consume the liquid half an hour before meal. This way the olive oil and the lemon juice will not to enter the food and maintain its efficiency. It is desirable to take this remedy twice a day, for 2-3 weeks.

Recipe 2. Olive oil, lemon juice and honey

Ingredients: • 500 ml of olive oil • 500 g of lemon juice • 500 g of honey

Use a 2 kg jar with lid. Pour the olive oil and the honey in the jar. Place the lemons in hot water and boil them for 2 minute. Remove them from the water, slice them and chop them though a meat grinder. Then add them in the jar. Soak the concoction for 4 days, while mixing it 30, 40 times a day. After 3 days, take one spoonful of this mixture in the morning, on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before eating.

You must mix the remedy properly before use. After 6 months of using the treatment, you should have another medical exam to see your kidneys look like.

This treatment must be resumed three years in a row, at the same date. The amount of mixture prepared above is enough for one year. After 3 years, have a break and repeat the treatment.

Note: This information does not replace medical advice. Do not use this information for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

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