Kidney, Liver or GallStones – Successful Natural Treatment

This particular treatment was inspired from the ancient Russian remedies and has been long promoted as an extremely effective treatment for naturally eliminating gallstones and kidney stones. Its efficiency has been proven in what regards the elimination of stones, but for this you must follow the indications below.

Kidney, Liver or Gall Stones – Successful Natural Treatment

Treatment for Kidney, Liver or Gall Stones

Here is what you must do in order to get rid of the kidney, liver or gall stones. Don’t consume anything for the first 24 hours. You can only drink water (at least 2 liters). The next morning, you must make an enema with a water and oil solution. One hour after eliminating the stool, you have to drink 1 glass of olive oil and then 1 glass of lemon or grapefruit oil. You can consume a slice of lemon for preventing nausea or vomiting. Lay in the bed on side for a while. Don’t drink any water. In case you are thirsty, you can take 2 sips of water and salt.

15 minutes after taking the oil and the lemon juice, you must drink one cup of sour cabbaje juice. If you don’t have this ingredient, you can take a laxative.

After 24 hours, repeat the same treatment you had during the first 24 hours. After this interval has passed, the stones will dissolve and will be eliminated through urine. You will notice them as dark-colored drops (green or brown).

Continue this treatment until you will no longer see brown or green spots in your urine. Most persons are cured after a 3-day treatment. After you finish this remedy, you can request an X-ray to be sure that the kidney, liver or gall stones have been eliminated completely.

In order to obtain the best results, you must follow this remedy step by step. Also, drinking lots of water is very important for this treatment.

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  1. Hth is one supposed to “drink” a glass of oil??? I’m gagging just thinking of it! Ugh…lol

  2. Tammy Wright-Jacobs

    Has anyone actually TRIED this? It sounds terrible…so much so I almost thought it was a joke till I kept reading.

  3. Just stop eating meat and dairy, that will do it.

  4. Vicki Fowler Lunceford

    I think I’d rather have the stone!

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