Keep Breast Cancer at Bay with Natural Treatments

The breast cancer can be inflammatory, lobular or ductal, depending on the location of the malignant tissues. This awful disease can be caused by the intake of estrogen and progesterone, the alcohol consumption, the old age, radiation therapies or being pregnant for the first time at an old age. There are a few early symptoms that will help you detect breast cancer, including the inverted nipples or the discharge from the nipples. Other symptoms that announce the disease are the lumps near the breast or around the underarm region, the change in the morphology or texture of the breast (reduction in size, scaliness, swelling or unevenness) or increased heat radiating around the breast area. A tricky aspect about breast cancer is that you won’t feel any pain even if you apply pressure on the breast or the lump.

Keep Breast Cancer at Bay with Natural Treatments

There are various natural treatments that can help you cope with breast cancer. They cannot cure the cancer, so don’t rely on them alone, but they are able to strengthen the immune system, to reduce the negative symptoms and aspects of the disease, to kill some of the cancerous tissues and promote the survival rate.


Garlic has antibiotic qualities and can help you treat numerous infectious diseases caused by fungi, yeast or bacteria. The alkyl sulphur substances in the garlic are great anti-cancer agents and they have the capability to promote the natural death or the malignant cells. At the same time, garlic stimulates the immune cells to fight against the cancerous cells. Always try to eat the garlic in its raw form, either cloves or oil, because when you cook it, some of its properties disappear.


The proanthocyanidins in the grapes can diminish the estrogen production of the body. So, various studies have shown that this fruit can make an excellent treatment for the breast cancer. Thus, the hormone-sensitive tumors are affected by the grapes extract. At the same time, the grapes extract or juice can boost the anti-tumor activity of the doxorubicin, a drug used in the breast cancer treatment.

Olive Oil

This type of oil has numerous health benefits, including preventing the risk of cancer. A recent study has found that olive oil contains hydroxytyrosol, a compound that protect the postmenopausal women from developing breast cancer.


The specialists recommend this dietary element for every breast cancer patient. The soybeans contain compounds such as phytoestrogens that will not allow the cancerous cells to use estrogen. At the same time, this product contains isoflavones that are crucial in preventing cancer. You can consume soybeans as cooked vegetables or as sprouts.


It is very important for the women to consume calcium before their menopausal period. This will not only strengthen their bones and prevent osteoporosis, but it will also reduce the risks of developing breast cancer. You can consume calcium supplements, but it’s more important to take it from natural sources such as green vegetables, canned salmon, almonds or orange juice.

Green Tea

Numerous studies have demonstrated that green tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When consumed on a daily basis, it can fight against the formation of breast cancer, so make sure to include green tea in your diet.

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