How to Use Lavender Oil for Different Conditions

Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs and it is used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. The one and only lavender is extremely relaxing and refreshes the mind and the body as well. Its benefits are not only physical, but they are also psychological. Lavender has over 150 components, each of them having a variety of properties. There is a reason the beauty industry is using this herb so much, and we’ll discover it in the following paragraphs.

lavender essential oil uses

Here are ten amazing uses of this wonderful oil:

  • Promoting good sleep – In the past, people would fill their pillows with this herb in order to get some high-quality sleep. Now, you can use the oil by pouring a few drops on a tissue and placing it under your pillow.
  • Takes away headaches – If you experience headaches on a regular basis or even migraines, lavender could be the answer you were looking for. You can inhale the smell of lavender essential oil or mix it with a bit of olive oil and massage your forehead with it.
  • Treating fungus – Whether you suffer from a fungal infection, you have a wound or your skin itches, you can treat it with lavender oil and olive oil. Apply the combination on your skin and let it sit for 30 minutes, and then rinse it with water.
  • Fighting anxiety – Anxiety and panic attacks can be treated if you inhale the steam produced by a bowl filled with hot water in combination with a few drops of lavender essential oil. You can also rub the oil on the temples to relax faster.
  • Respiratory problems – The anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender will work and take away serious conditions such as asthma attacks, for instance. You can go for the steam inhalation or simply add a few drops of lavender oil to your diffuser.
  • Relieving pain – The anti-inflammatory properties will reduce any pain or inflammation. You can use lavender to treat leg pain, arthritis, sore pain or back pains. Just massage the affected area with olive oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Curing staph infections – Staphylococcus bacteria will cause a series of skin problems such as impetigo or boils, but they can all be handled by pouring a few drops of oil on the affected area. Let it stay there for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • Masking odors – Your kitchen, bathroom or any other room can smell great if lavender is used as an air freshener. You can also add it to your shampoo or into your humidifier.
  • Bug repellent – Lavender can keep at bay mosquitos, moths, flies and other bugs. You can apply a few drops of oil on your skin before going out to keep bugs at distance or place cotton balls with lavender oil in your closets.
  • Stimulating hair growth – If you are confronting with excessive hair loss or other conditions associated with the scalp, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with 2 tbsp. of jojoba oil and massage your scalp.

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