How to Stay Away from Colon Cancer

Also known as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer, colon cancer affects the large intestine. Almost 140,000 people in the US suffer from it every year.

colon cancer prevention

They all start as some small clumps commonly known as polyps which are not cancerous at first, but by evolving, they reach that stage.

Some of the symptoms might include:

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Sudden changes in the bowel habits
  • A continuous abdominal discomfort
  • Weakness
  • Sudden weight loss

The cause of this condition is not known yet, but scientists do believe that aging, smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and a high-fat diet can definitely contribute to its occurrence. Sometimes, even the race has a great contribution. African-Americans, for instance, are more prone to this condition.

While some factors are uncontrollable, others can be kept under control by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Here are 10 ways to do that:

  • Exercising every day – Moving your body is crucial for maintaining its health. A sedentary life is the main cause of colon cancer. Even a 30 minutes’ walk will make you healthier. Walk, run, swim, cycle, dance or do gardening.
  • Stay fit – Another cause is obesity. A high body mass index will be associated with colon cancer and other chronic conditions such as type II diabetes or heart-related diseases.
  • Cut off alcohol – Not only that you will get a higher rate of developing colon cancer, but you can also get mouth, liver, breast, throat and even larynx cancer. Excessive alcohol consumption will cause some changes in the tissues of the cells and progressively lead to cancer.
  • Avoid processed meats – Red meats and any processed meats will actually increase the risk of getting cancer. If you really need to eat red meat, choose a lean type and avoid cooking it on the grill.
  • Take in fibers – Increasing the amount of fibers will reduce the rate of cancer occurring. Go for whole wheat products, quinoa, apples, strawberries or crunchy vegetables.
  • Check your body – If you have a family history of colon cancer, you should get a regular screening starting at the age of 45. Talk to your doctor to determine what tests are good for you.
  • No smoking – Cigarettes contain carcinogenic substances that will damage the body in time and change the DNA, thus turning healthy cells into harmful ones. If you are a smoker, now would be a great time to quit to preserve your health.
  • Vitamin D – To get more of it expose yourself to the morning sunlight for 15 minutes daily. In the winter, when there is no natural sunlight, you can eat foods rich in vitamin D such as fish, cod liver oil or dairy products.
  • Eat foods that fight cancer – Eat broccoli every week along with tomatoes, raw garlic, spinach, pomegranate, grapes or walnuts. Also, drink green tea and ginger tea.
  • Stay away from antibiotics – Use them only if your doctor prescribes them to you and if you have a serious condition. Using them excessively will increase the chances of you getting cancer and you will also become immune to them.

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