How to Defy Your Age in a Natural Way

Aging is the biggest fear for any woman. Getting older, not feeling attractive anymore, the years leaving their mark on our bodies… Most of the women turn to cosmetic surgery to try to turn back some years and postpone the unavoidable. On the other hand, some of them choose the natural ways to defy age and aging.

reverse aging

Yes, there is a way to avoid the scalpel. It’s easier, it costs nothing and can be done by anybody.

  • Your mind has the power to control your age

According to scientists, the aging process takes place at a cellular level, being influenced by the stress levels, the lifestyle habits, sleep and exercise habits. Maybe you did not know this, but sleep plays an important role, helping the body to cope with and repair the cellular damage. As we age, this ability slows down, losing the fight with the signs of aging and illnesses specific to old people. What you have to do is understand that your daily activities and lifestyle leave their mark upon your aging process and that you have the ability to prolong and improve the quality of your life by making some healthy changes.

  • Get all the sleep that you need

As mentioned above, sleep is crucial for our health. Each body is different. Some of us need 8-9 hours of sleep to feel rested, some 10 and some only 6. No matter the case, getting enough sleep is of utmost importance. The lack of sleep can lead to chronic fatigue, weight gain, weak immune system, depression and leaves visible signs upon the skin: dark circles under the eyes, noticeable pallor and eye bags. Lack of sleep ages your body from inside out.

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise

We’re not referring to spending 4-5 hours per day in the gym. Some aerobic exercises, some strength training, jogging, different sports and even gardening will make you feel younger. A good workout increases the blood circulation, strengthens the heart and lungs, slows down osteoporosis, increases the body’s metabolism rate, builds bone and muscle mass and keeps the mind young. Exercise and proper nutrition will do wonders upon your body.

  • Healthy teeth, healthy body

Lots of health issues are caused by bad oral hygiene, gum diseases, and cavities. Take care of your teeth and you will take care of your body. And to be honest, who does not like to have a bright, healthy smile? It makes you feel more confident, doesn’t it?

  • Say no to smoking and excess alcohol

You already know the effects of smoking and excess alcohol upon your body. Among them, we can mention the acceleration of aging signs, besides the shortening of lifespan. So, next time when someone says you look 50 years old when you’re 40, maybe you’ll think again about these vices.

Postponing aging, even by a few years, is possible, and it is all up to us. How we live, what we do, what we eat, it’s all in our power to change.

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