Here is how you can reverse autism

The number of children that have been healed of this terrible condition called autism is increasing. The parents whose children are still suffering from it should never stop seeking for professional help. However, while doing that, there are also some everyday practices they could implement at home, and that could speed up the process of recovery.

reverse autism

Here are some tips that come from professionals and which could be useful. Remember that every child responds differently to these solutions, so it is recommended to apply those that seem to work on the baby. Also, this is not a fast process, so a lot of patience is needed.

  • Take out the refined sugar from the child’s diet

The children with autism also have problems with the gut because there are more bad microorganisms present than good ones. The refined sugar will only feed the bacteria, so they will get to multiply even more and cause even more problems.

  • Cultivate the good bacteria

Get rid of the bad bacteria and replenish the good types of bacteria. The probiotic supplements work great in this case, but the parents can also include naturally fermented food products in their children’s diets.

  • Introducing a gluten-free diet

The leaky gut syndrome is very common in the children suffering from autism. Their intestines will allow large molecules to pass through, which will lead to allergies and infections. A gluten-free diet can be very beneficial for the child.

  • Feed them more vegetables

A balanced nutrition is very important for an autistic child. Vegetables are crucial and thanks to the Internet, there are many recipes available out there.

  • Foods rich in vitamin C

Scurvy is a condition commonly experienced by the autistic children, and it is manifested through gums that are swollen or bleeding. It usually appears when there is a deficiency of vitamin C, so feeding children foods that are rich in this vitamin such as kiwi, orange, berries, tomatoes or dark green leafy greens is a great idea.

  • Go green!

Since the environmental toxins are the main cause of autism, it is only natural for you to opt for household products that contain natural ingredients and not synthetic ones. So, the next time you want to buy an air freshener or a detergent, make sure to read the label.

  • Music therapy

Many children who suffer from this condition enjoy activities that are based on music. It has also been proved that children’s verbal and gestural communication skills are favorably affected by music.

  • Massaging

The studies that have been conducted in this area showed that massage has a beneficial impact on the social and learning skills of a child, as well as on their communication attitudes.

  • High-quality sleep

A child with autism has an abnormal circadian rhythm. In order to improve their sleeping experience, children can be given a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea every night before bedtime. They can even take a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

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