Hemolytic Anemia – Info and Natural Remedies

Anemia is triggered by the low number of red blood cells in someone’s bloodstream. The hemolytic type means that these essential red blood cells are destroyed before they get out of the system. In other words, they should continue their activity normally, as they are not too old yet, but they get disintegrated. The factors that trigger this disease can range from infections to reactions to some medicines. However, anyone can be affected by hemolytic anemia, no matter the age or gender. A common type of this issue is often encountered when the mother’s blood is not compatible with the fetus’ blood, and it is called erythroblastosis fetalis.

natural remedies for Hemolytic Anemia

As hemolytic anemia is a dangerous condition, it has to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Here are some important facts you should know about this health problem.


The symptoms of this disease vary widely, and in some mild cases, the patient does not even distinguish any clear signs of anemia. Moreover, the symptoms depend on the factor causing the condition.

Generally, people suffering from hemolytic anemia experience dizziness, fatigue, weakness, pale skin, lightheadedness, confusion, and even fever. Because there are not enough red blood cells in your blood, some tissues and organs are no longer receiving enough oxygen, which triggers these symptoms. The patient may also notice that he or she finds it difficult to stay focused or gets tired while undergoing normal activities. Shortness of breath is also a common symptom for all types of anemia.

Hemolytic anemia also has some specific signs, such as dark colored urine, rapid heartbeat, heart murmur, and yellowing of the skin as the eyes get whiter.

The disease can be easily diagnosed through a simple blood test.


The medical treatment will be prescribed by your doctor according to the cause of your problem. For example, a hemolytic anemia which is triggered by inherited abnormalities in the membrane of your red cells or by inherited enzyme deficiencies may not require any treatment, but it can also need the removal of the spleen or blood transfusion in order to handle severe symptoms.

A hemoglobin disorder can also be healed without any medical treatment if it’s not severe. It can be cured with a strict diet, rich in folic acid and iron.

In rare cases, the severity of the symptoms may require a bone marrow transplant.

Natural Remedies

You are advised to consume foods that are rich in iron and folic acid in cases of mild hemolytic anemia. This can also boost the effect of your medical treatment. Moreover, these remedies are excellent for preventing the condition.

  • Honey and sesame

Take one teaspoon of sesame seeds, put it in water and let it there for few hours. Then grind it and add two teaspoons of honey. Mix it all and take a teaspoon of this remedy once or twice a day.

  • Beetroot juice

An efficient treatment for anemia is beetroot, so extract the juice of 1-2 medium vegetables and drink it every morning. If you want to improve the taste, add some apple juice.

  • Foods rich in iron

If you suffer from hemolytic anemia, you should go with iron-rich foods, such as beef, oysters, eggs, chicken liver, tuna, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables.

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