Get Rid of the Ringing in Your Ears by Using Natural Remedies

Certainly, you have experienced hearing a faint, slight ringing in your ears, whenever you’re sitting silently by yourself. For some people, that ringing may turn into shrieking, which is, by all means, genuinely disturbing. This condition is referred to as tinnitus, and nearly 50 million of the U.S. citizens suffer from it.

Tinnitus remedies

Many people suffering from this will opt for over-the-counter solutions. Nonetheless, these are not always ideal, because they imply a range of side effects, which may outrun the benefits. On that account, I would like to propose to you a few natural remedies that might alleviate your problem, perhaps even make it become history. However, first, we’ll deal with tinnitus and the factors that cause it.

Tinnitus – common causes

Typically, tinnitus implies hearing a constant ringing in the ear. The noise is generally described as ringing, but it can range from whistling, chirping, hissing, and the volume may vary as well. The noise becomes evident when there’s little background noise, being apparent when trying to get to sleep, reading a book, so on and so forth.

But, what causes this unpleasant condition? You would be surprised to find out that one of the leading factors is the prolonged exposure to loud noise. Commonly met instances in which tinnitus is more likely to appear are concerts, construction sites, nightclubs, so on. The exposure to loud noises damages the cells inside the inner ear, leading to tinnitus, and in some cases, even total hearing loss. Other typical causes include:

  • Aging
  • Otosclerosis
  • Menier’s disease
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Increased drug intake – aspirin, antidepressants, sedatives, anti-inflammatory pills
  • Ear blockages caused by ear infection, wax buildup, and in rare instances, a benign tumor.


A few studies conducted in this domain have outlined the fact that acupuncture is effective in healing tinnitus. An experienced acupuncturist should make the distinction between treating distinctive types of tinnitus. However, typically, the treatment concentrates on dealing with the obstruction in the ear’s channels.

An essential acupuncture treatment for healing this condition typically includes up to 15 sessions. Afterward, the patient should experience noticeable improvements. An acupuncturist will target the scalp points during the treatment.


Tinnitus caused by age or exposure to noise may be effectively treated by administering vitamin B12 and Zinc supplements. Many studies have shown that zinc has an astounding beneficial impact on tinnitus patients. Taking 90-150 mg of zinc for 3 to 6 months may ease your condition.

Given the fact that vitamin B12 deficiency was reported in patients suffering from tinnitus, it is assumed that there’s a link between the two instances. Hence, taking vitamin B12 supplements can reduce the severity of the condition.


Gingko Biloba has been studied in thorough attention lately, due to the abundance of benefits it may have on our health. According to research, it is known to enhance the blood flow in the brain and head. In the case in which tinnitus is caused by circulatory problems, this herb may be genuinely useful. 240 mg of Gingko capsule a day will do; the treatment lasts up to 6 weeks.

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