Find Out Which of Your Habits Cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

In the USA, the fourth position in the top of most common causes of death is held by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As the number of people who die every year because of this health problem is overwhelming, you should revise your habits.

habits that damage your lungs

But before that, you need to understand what COPD means. This disease is caused by the prolonged obstruction of airflow towards the lungs. One of the causes is chronic bronchitis. When such a disease is not treated at all or at the right time, it may lead to COPD. Unfortunately, the last one is impossible to heal. Medical treatment only ameliorates the symptoms and manages its progression, but the damage to the lungs cannot be reversed.

If you want to enjoy healthy lungs and avoid COPD, you are advised to reconsider the following damaging habits.

  • Smoking

Indeed, everyone knows that smoking is dangerous, but many tend to minimize its effects. If you are a smoker, your lungs are more susceptible to develop both cancer and COPD. Moreover, your overall health is affected by this bad habit. Is it worth putting your life in danger and risk to die of lung cancer or COPD?

  • Polluted Air

Unfortunately, this issue is rarely a personal choice. However, the risk of exposure to polluted air is not diminished by this aspect, and people who are living in highly developed cities are having a greater risk of developing COPD. Furthermore, some persons have to work in highly polluted environments. Even though they may not perceive the risks of this situation at the moment, their lungs’ health is in danger. If you are one of these people, don’t hesitate to take all the protection measures that are provided to you.

  • Indoor Air

If you consider that breathing indoor air will automatically protect your lungs from COPD, you are wrong. In fact, sometimes, the air in your house can be even more dangerous than outdoor air. To create a healthy environment in your home, make sure you clean your ventilation system periodically and remove other sources of pollution, such as pet dander, dangerous construction materials, etc. It is also recommended to eliminate any mold source. Some of them are hidden in places that you rarely access, such as behind the bathroom cabinet or inside your coffee machine.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

Even though the most visible effect of sedentary lifestyle is excess weight, your lungs are also affected by how much physical activity you do. Sport improves the functioning of your lungs. Actually, when a patient is struggling to get rid of a chronic lung disease such as bronchitis or emphysema, mild and moderate exercises are recommended.

  • Dangerous Products

The ingredients contained in cleaning products or paints can seriously damage your lungs. For example, ammonia and bleach, as well as volatile organic compounds, are inhaled by you when cleaning the house, leading to several serious problems of the respiratory system, such as COPD. When buying such products, read the label carefully and choose the ones that are not a threat for your lung’s health.

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