Fight Allergies with Natural Antihistamines

Nowadays, allergies are no longer an uncommon health issue, as millions of people are suffering from them. Symptoms such as sneezing, puffy eyes, runny nose, watery eyes, headaches, sinus congestion, sinus pressure, or digestive problems are often experienced by numerous individuals. Spring time is the worst season for allergies, as many of them are triggered by pollen and dust.

natural antihistamines

If you suffer from an allergy, you surely know the struggle of dealing with these disturbing symptoms. Most of the people can barely handle this situation without taking prescribed medicines, at least a few weeks per year. But what if you could opt for a natural alternative instead of medications?

Antihistamines are known to alleviate and prevent allergy symptoms like those mentioned above.

What is the role of antihistamines in fighting allergies?

To understand the role of antihistamines when it comes to allergies, we need to know first what happens when you experience allergy symptoms.

During an allergic reaction, particular cells from our blood release a substance called histamine. This action leads to an inflammatory process, known as the inflammatory immune response. The symptoms triggered by the releasing of histamine include some of the most common allergy symptoms: red nostrils, puffy and watery eyes, inflammation of intestines, etc.

What happens when you take antihistamines? Well, these block the activity of histamine, so that the allergic reaction is stopped.  These substances can also prevent allergies, not only cure them.

In a nutshell, they function similar to lots of allergy medications, just that they don’t have any side effects. While you can suffer from sedation or impaired learning when taking drugs, you will never have to deal with these side effects when opting for natural antihistamines. There is more great news for you: many antihistamines can be found in natural foods and supplements. Let’s see what some of your best allies are when it comes to fighting allergies.

Best natural antihistamines

  • Bromelain

Bromelain is a powerful remedy for allergies, as it can cure the symptoms and prevent their recurrence.

This is an enzyme found in pineapple, so many people believe that consuming the fruit as it is or its juice can heal an allergy. However, most of the people dealing with this issue know that pineapple can trigger unbearable symptoms, so you may have your doubts when it comes to this antihistamine. The truth is that pineapple contains many other nutrients and substances which can activate histamines, that’s why when you treat an allergy, you must opt for bromelain supplements.

This enzyme is able to stop the inflammatory process and the effect of histamine, reducing the swelling, inflammation, and pain.

  • Quercetin

When fighting allergic reactions, quercetin is your trusted ally. Scientific research reveals that quercetin doesn’t allow immune cells to release histamines, and also stabilizes mast cells. The effect of these processes is a significant improvement of allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, hives, swellings, and hives. Citrus fruits, onions, red wine, apples, parsley, and teas are excellent sources of quercetin.

  • Vitamin C

Only 2 grams of vitamin C per day can lower the levels of histamine in blood by 38%. Therefore, introducing foods rich in this vitamin in your diet is a good option. You can also take supplements.

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