Ferns Calm Down Rheumatic, Joint And Feet Pain (Ways To Use)

Fern is one of the oldest medicinal plants on the planet, having a history of no less than 360 million years. It is the biggest plant family, estimates mentioning as many as 12 thousand species.

fern for rheumatic pain

We can see it growing in luxuriant forests, in areas with shade, along wet banks and hedgerows. It does not produce any flowers, but the beautiful shape of its leaves make it quite unique. Some ferns can stay green even during winter, provided that they benefit from favorable conditions.

Monks know the benefits of this wild plant and use it especially as a cure for joint and rheumatic pain. Being a popular medicinal plant for a long time, it is a good indication that its effects are to be trusted. After all, it would have eventually stopped being used if it brought no improvement.

Cure for joint, rheumatic and feet pain

If you are visiting an area with mountains or simply walking through forests, do not hesitate to gather ferns. Their fresh leaves can be used to great medical effect.

Here is a simple cure for rheumatism (including degenerative rheumatism), arthritis and swollen feet.


You can gather the branches and only keep the leaves. These will be left to macerate in a pot with 400 ml cold water for 24 hours. After this period, the pot is placed on the stove and left until the water and leaves have boiled for around 10 minutes.

The resulting water is strained into a bowl. Use some cotton compresses to absorb some of the liquid, when it’s at a warm temperature. Afterwards, these can be applied to the areas where pain appears. The procedure can be repeated several times a day, depending on the intensity or duration of your pain. Again, for best results, it is recommended that the liquid is warm.

If you suffer from degenerative rheumatism, cover the compresses with a warm towel, letting them act overnight. In the morning, rinse with water.

This cure also helps reduce or even eliminate joint pain, while improving the joints’ mobility.

Those who spend a lot of time standing and have terrible pain or swollen feet can benefit greatly from fern baths. From the liquid prepared above, add half (200 ml) to 5 liters of warm water. Soak your feet in it until it cools down. The same cure can also be used to treat various skin disorders.

Some types of ferns can also be used as interior plants since they help eliminate toxic compounds such as formaldehyde from the air.

Warning! Some species of fern can be toxic, which is why they should not be ingested without medical supervision. A large dose of fern, either as an extract or as powder, can cause muscle weakness, eye damage, and even coma.

With that being said, an application on the skin is very reliable when it comes to relieving the mentioned pains – not surprising, considering how long it has been used for.

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