Essiac Tea – An Unrevealed Cure for Cancer and AIDS?

Almost one hundred years have passed since Essiac tea was first used in Canada. During this period, many have wondered whether this particular tea can be an efficient cure for cancer or not. This question is still valid today, just that meanwhile some people started to use this tea for curing AIDS. But how is it possible for one simple tea to be so controversial?

essiac tea

The first results – one hundred years ago

One of the first persons who used Essiac tea for curing cancer was a Canadian nurse, named Rene Caisse. She was a nurse at a clinic in a small village from Toronto and one day, in 1922, an old lady who had suffered from breast cancer claimed that she had healed herself only by drinking a tea that a man prepared to her. Now, she was healed for more than 30 years.

Rene was interested in the cure, as she had some relatives suffering from cancer. She found out the recipe, and she prepared the tea for her dad. Even though it took a while, her dad was cured. Then, Rene tried to use the tea as a treatment for cancer to heal others. She made the tea from four herbs, and she used to give it to terminal cancer patients, orally or injected. Hundreds of patients seem to have been cured of cancer completely. Even though she had some benefits at first, she didn’t refuse anyone who needed her help. After a few years, she offered the tea for free, and she even believed that she could make the tea a legal cancer cure. From 1934 to 1942, she continued to work at the clinic and to cure more and more cancer patients with the help of Essiac Tea.

Her cure was very controversial, and the authorities even tried to imprison her. But because of the results of the treatment, she had popular support – important doctors, cured patients and Bracebridge’s Town Council. After her death, the majority of her pieces of evidence were destroyed by the authorities. They set her house on fire. Only a few pieces of evidence were saved by one of her friends.

A doctor tests the formula

It was very hard for Rene to make the tea famous so that everyone could beneficiate from its properties. The authorities limited her rights and she was betrayed by a private corporation after she signed an agreement. Despite all these, a doctor named Gary Glum found out about the tea and decided to test and improve the formula.

After he convinced himself of the effectiveness of the tea by curing some cancer patients with Essiac tea, he writes a book about Rene Caisse and the tea, named Calling of an Angel. But as it was a real danger for the cancer industry to reveal such an inexpensive cure for cancer, the book was not approved for publishing, so the doctor had to publish it by himself.

Essiac Tea and AIDS

In a second book, he writes about the effects of the Essiac Tea on AIDS. He reveals that in a medical project, 179 patients suffering from AIDS were sent home to die. Besides AIDS, they also suffered from other serious conditions. He was allowed to test the Essiac tea only on 5 of them. These five patients were the only survivors out of 179. He continued to try administrating tea to cancer patients, and the results were impressive. The tea had the power to cure different forms of cancers, in different stages.

Essiac Tea – Recipe

Essiac tea is made of:

  • powder of Turkish rhubarb root – 1 ounce
  • slippery elm bark powder – 1/4 pound
  • sheep sorrel herb powder – 1 pound
  • burdock root – 6 and 1/2 cups

With these ingredients, you can make 2 gallons of essiac tea. Let it boil between 10 and 20 minutes and then let it steep during the night. Store the tea in a bottle, put it in the fridge and take between 2 and 3 ounces per day.

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