Ear Pain – How to Cure It with Natural Remedies

The pain you experience during an earache can be either piercing and ruthless or aching and dull. Sometimes, you can identify the cause pretty quickly and other times it is better to consult a specialist to find out what’s wrong. The infection is sudden and very painful, especially in the beginning. An uncommon pressure on the eardrum appears as a result of the response given by the body. In this state of the infection, the pain grows considerably. Earaches can cause irritability, mild hearing loss, poor sleep and loss of appetite. Ear pain can be excruciating and it doesn’t always go away with antibiotics. Instead, you can find the cure in your own kitchen cabinet.

ear pain

  • Garlic

Garlic can help you get rid of the ear infection thanks to its analgesic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. To ease the pain in an effective and rapid way, just crush a few cloves of garlic and extract the juice. Pour a few drops in your ear and wait for the magic to happen. Garlic will eradicate the pain in a second by stretching the eardrum. Also, it can dry out the liquid accumulated in your ear.

  • Olive Oil

The oil extracted from olives has great abilities like fighting against pain. Olive oil doesn’t just treat the infection but it also lubricates the ear. If you experience buzzing sensations in your ear, just warm up some olive oil and put a few drops into the ear. The eardrum will stretch and the annoying sensation of pressure will disappear.

  • Radish

Ear pain can be debilitating as the pain becomes more and more persistent. Normal sleep can be disrupted by an earache, especially when lying down. The excess fluid puts more pressure on the eardrum, making the pain unbearable. Worry no more! We have the perfect natural remedy for you. Cut a radish into small pieces. Get some mustard oil, put it in a bowl and soak the pieces of radish in it. Heat this mixture for about 2 minutes.  After you turned off the heat, let the blend cool down, then strain it and keep it in a jar. Using a dropper, pour 3 drops into each ear.

  • Ginger

Known as one of the most powerful spices against inflammation, ginger root can prove itself a valuable natural remedy. Its antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties can really make a difference when it comes to an awful earache. Just grate a piece of ginger and extract the resulting juice. To ease your ear pain, just add a few drops of freshly squeezed juice into your ears. We suggest you to use a dropper for this purpose.

  • Peppermint

A few fresh peppermint leaves can be the solution to your problem. Just wash some leaves with cold water, then crush them. Squeeze the resulting mass to extract the juice. Using a dropper, apply a few drops of peppermint juice inside each ear.

Natural remedies come in handy where traditional medicine has failed. Make sure to contact a specialist before you start making your own treatments.

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