Don’t Throw Away Cherry or Sour Cherry Tails! They Have Plenty of Benefits

As many other fruits, cherries and sour cherries have parts that are not used and that can be exploited for medicinal purposes. It is not about their core, as in watermelons, but about their tails.

cherry tails

Cherry and sour cherry tails have important therapeutical properties and doctors that have studied those properties have actually come up with treatments based on their tails.

They have a strong diuretic action due to the fact that they are filled with potassium salt and antioxidants. A recent study made by Iranian researchers from the University of Medical Sciences of Teheran has shown that the dust made from cherry and sour cherry tails has indeed important diuretic effects.

Cherry and sour cherry tails are also rich in tannins, which makes them useful in case of diarrhea. They have also depurative, antifebrile and anti-inflammatory properties on the kidneys.

Therapeutical indications

Cherry and sour cherry tails can be used as a tea for these affections

  • uric stones and kidney pain
  • nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis
  • urinary retention
  • renal colics
  • kidney infections
  • dropsy
  • diarrhea, ascites
  • rheumatism, arthritis, gout
  • prevention of atherosclerosis
  • prevention of pericarditis
  • edema
  • cellulite

How to make cherry tail decoction

You put a hand of dried tails to 600 milliliters of water and let it boil for ten minutes. The heat has to be to the minimum. You cover the stove pot that you are using and you have to let it rest for another 20 minutes. Then, you can strain it and sweeten it with honey. Instead of honey, you can use fresh cherries or apples to sweeten the tea. You then add up 250 grams of fruits in the boiling tea and let it rest for another 20 minutes. You have to smash the fruits after letting them rest and combine them with the tea.

If you do not manage to drink all the tea at once, you can keep it in a thermos, because you need to drink it warm. You can split it into 3-4 cups, and drink it throughout the day, between meals. You basically have to do this for two weeks to feel its effects.

If you want to increase the diuretic action, you can add some other diuretic plants to this tea: birch leaves, corn silk or bean pods.

The great thing about this cherry tail tea is that in can be used to cure other things as well, like a cough, back pains or stomach aches.

Never underestimate the power of natural cures and never forget that our ancestors used these kinds of natural remedies their entire lives. Nature holds its amazing secrets, and you should never be afraid to try out one of these alternative cures; you may be surprised by the effects that they can have on your health and on your state of mind too. Just think about it, in the worst case scenario, if it does not work, you’ll have at least drunk an amazing cherry tea.

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