Discover the Differences between Concussions and Contusions

Any harm done to your head can be extremely dangerous. Specialists divide brain injuries in two categories: contusion and concussion. Even though you should pay attention to both these injuries, you also need to know the differences between them.

concussions vs contusions

Concussions – Causes and Symptoms

The first difference between a contusion and a concussion is that the last one doesn’t present a physical damage to the brain. Its main feature is an alteration in the brain functioning. Although there is no injury in the brain, someone who suffered a concussion should seek medical help immediately. There are many risks. One of them is the movement of the brain in the back and front of the skull. Concussions are common for those who play contact sports. Specialists affirm that car accidents are usually the main causes of concussions.

The symptoms of a concussion are quite mild. It’s not that easy to notice them. These symptoms can be present for weeks or even months. One of the most important and immediate symptoms is the loss of consciousness. A person who suffered a concussion can also suffer from tinnitus, dizziness, unclear speech, headaches, sensitivity to light and changes in behavior.

Specialists say that the headaches and dizziness caused by a concussion may last for a  few months. If someone suffered from this injury, it’s possible that they will suffer from epilepsy too. A series of concussions can cause a degeneration in the brain’s ability and capacity.

The doctors recommend to those suffering from concussions to rest and to limit their activities.

Contusions – Causes and Symptoms

A contusion represents an injury in the brain that leads to bleeding. A contusion is caused when the head is hit strongly. The symptoms are various and depend on the gravity of the injury but also on the affected parts of the brain. If someone loses consciousness or seems sleepy, we can say that he/she has suffered a contusion. Memory loss is another important symptom but also the changes in behavior, speech or vision problems and issues with coordination. It’s possible for a person with a contusion to have a seizure.

The treatment depends on the type of injury. Most of the times, he/she is hospitalized. This way, the person can go through different tests. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the most important one. Through these tests, the doctors can establish the severity and the exact location of the contusion.

There are also mild types of contusions. An individual who suffered a mild contusion needs to rest, but will be kept under observation. On the other hand, there are also severe cases that may require surgery if substantial clotting or bleeding appears. The worst case is coma or death that may happen because of a serious brain trauma.

Although these two kinds of injuries are different (a contusion presents a bruising, while a concussion doesn’t), they should be treated cautiously as soon as possible.

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