Discover the Most Common Eczema Myths and Find Out If They’re True or Not

Eczema is a skin disorder experienced by millions of people. It can affect anyone, no matter their age, ethnicity or gender. Although it is quite common to develop eczema at some point in your life, there are still numerous myths that surround it. By learning what eczema really is, you will be able to diagnose it properly and treat it.

eczema myths

Symptoms of eczema include patches of dry, itchy, thickened skin, usually on the face, neck, hands and legs. If you scratch them, these patches might turn into open sores with crusts and might even get infected.

Myth 1. Eczema and acne are the same thing

Although eczema might appear similar to acne, these two conditions have nothing in common. They have a different cause, and therefore they require different medication. Using acne medication on your eczema might worsen the symptoms and complicate the condition, leaving permanent, visible marks. If you experience any of the symptoms associated with eczema go see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Myth 2. Eczema is caused by emotional disorders

There is no proof that emotional disorders can cause eczema, but anxiety, stress, and anger can make the condition worse. You can keep your emotions under control to avoid eczema complications. Every time eczema starts to flare up due to sadness, stress or frustration, try to spend the entire day avoiding stressful environments, relaxing, taking walks and doing yoga. Try to see which emotional factors trigger the skin disorder.

Myth 3. Eczema is contagious

Eczema is not a bacteria or viral infection, so other people cannot catch it. You can touch a person suffering from eczema and even share the same spoon or glass or share the same room. You will not take this skin disorder from another person so don’t worry if you sit next to someone who has it.

Myth 4. People suffering from eczema are not allowed to swim

On the contrary, they can swim as much as they want although for those suffering from severe eczema it would be quite difficult to do this. The salt in the sea water and the chemicals from pools can aggravate the condition. It would be better for people with this skin disorder to avoid bathing in pools or the sea or to take a shower before and after taking a swim and apply sun block and moisturizer.

Myth 5. Poor hygiene is the main cause of eczema

It has nothing to do with hygiene, as this condition is caused by pollution, genes, the environmental factors or the immune system.

Myth 6. Eczema will leave marks

If treated properly, eczema will not leave marks. If you scratch it or if it is a severe case, it can cause skin discoloration. There is also certain medication that can cause stretch marks on the skin. Talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of the medication.

Eczema differs from case to case. Some people experience a mild form of the condition which can be treated with over the counter medication while others need prescription drugs. However, these common eczema myths can prevent many people from diagnosing and treating the condition improperly.

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