Depression Remedy: Banana Peels

It does sound odd, but bananas can actually fight depression. More than 105 million tons of bananas are produced every year in over 150 countries. Another surprising thing is that bananas are no longer classified into the “fruits” category, but they are considered a high herb.

banana peels for depression

Have you ever thought that maybe you should not throw away the peel, after eating a banana? Have you ever asked yourself if it could have some beneficial effects on your health?

The fruit is soft and sweet, but the peel is usually very fibrous and thick. You can use it, nonetheless, by adding it to a smoothie and you can even boil it, to make it softer. Another way to consume a soft banana peel is to allow this new “high herb” to ripe. This way, the peel will become thinner and even sweeter.

Benefits brought to the health

Right before deciding to consume it, you should be aware of the nutrients banana peels have. A medium-sized banana will bring a great number of nutrients to the body. The peel contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12. As a bonus, it will also contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium.

Eating the peel of a banana can have a powerful positive impact on the digestive system. It can also lower diabetes and boost the immune system. The level of energy will be significantly increased and the development of new cells and consequently, new tissues, will be stimulated. Another aspect that cannot be missed is the fact that banana peels will regulate the level of glucose and the level of blood pressure.

Bananas and depression

So, what is the connection between bananas and depression? The peels are loaded with tryptophan, a substance that boosts the levels of serotonin in the body, thus improving the mood. The studies that have been performed in this area showed that it only takes 2 banana peels a day for 3 days to fight depression and to increase the level of serotonin by 16%.

What you should remember before eating a banana peel is that the bananas you consume should be 100% organic. This means that any pesticides that have been used during their growth will affect not only their purpose but also your health.

If you decide to eat a conventional banana, you should first wash it very well and then boil it before you can actually start eating it. It’s important to keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping.

With all the medication available on the market for treating depression, who would have thought that banana peels, such a common element we always throw away, could come in so handy? Who would have thought that banana peels can be used in treating such a serious condition as depression? This is a revolutionary discovery, one that could turn upside down the world of medicine as we know it.

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