Curb Alcoholism with Natural Treatments

There are millions of people suffering from alcoholism in this world and whose social life always implies drinking alcohol. The excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to numerous stomach ailments and can damage the brain, the heart and the liver. If you consume alcohol with moderation, you will have no problem, but if you become addicted, then you should definitely start worrying and try to fight your addiction. Alcoholism is a disease and in order to treat it, you need lots of support from your friends and family and a strong resolution. There are also a few natural treatments that can curb your desire to drink.

Curb Alcoholism with Natural Treatments


This is a powerful herb that can treat almost anything, from skin conditions to diarrhea. The treatment is inexpensive and you can find it at any health food store. It is even more potent when combined with skull cap and kava. The passionflower is beneficial for the people who suffer from depression and anxiety caused by the excessive alcohol consumption. Moreover, it induces sleep and counteracts hangover.


Apples will keep both the doctor and the bottle away. Consume several apples per day, as these fruits are going to reduce the cravings and will also eliminate the toxins and the alcohol from your organism.


These fruits are found in various alcoholic drinks and, of course, in wines. So, you could easily replace the alcohol with the natural alternative: the grapes. In order to eliminate the toxins and get rid of the addiction, you could consume grape juice on a regular basis. This beverage will help you ditch the bottle. You could also eat grapes every 5 hours for a more powerful vitamin intake. You can literally consume as many grapes and as much grape juice as you desire. They will not become addictive.


The cayenne is a popular Indian spice and it is used in a wide array of dishes. At the same time, it can be consumed as juice and it is extremely beneficial for those suffering from alcoholism. It induces sleep and reduces the anxiety and irritability. Moreover, it promotes the appetite and diminishes the craving for alcohol. Cayenne can also eliminate the hangovers.

Whole Grains

Most alcoholics are prone to develop diabetes. By eating whole grains, such as oats and brown rice, you can keep your blood sugar under control. Besides including whole grains in your diet, you should also add omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in mackerels and salmon. So, one way to help you quit alcohol is having a healthy diet that will help you eliminate the toxins brought by the alcohol.


These dried fruits will curb your desire for having a glass or more. Eat a handful of raisins whenever you feel the craving for a drink. Taste their delicious flavor and you will no longer want to indulge in the bottle of beer or wine. It is one of the most effective natural treatments for alcoholism.

Other remedies that can help you get rid of the alcohol problems are the acorn, the bitter gourd, the dates and the consumption of fresh veggies and fruits.

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  1. Alcoholism is a disease. A strong resolve can not stop one from drinking alcoholically. Please find your local AA meeting!

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