Cinnamon as Toothache Remedy

Cinnamon is remarkable natural remedy that can be very handy when you have toothache. Very often toothache is associated with swelling of the gum, and the formation of purulent sacs that are accompanied by severe intolerable pain. Many people try to skip the visit to the dentist, but they have to know that just 1 aspirin won’t reduce the toothache and it can lead to loss of the tooth. Cinnamon turned out to be very good natural tool to quickly liquidate the pus sac and pain it causes.

cinnamonYou should use the power of cinnamon immediately after the occurrence of toothache. Just dissolve 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon in some water and drink it. If you are uncomfortable to intake the cinnamon is such condition, then you can fill empty capsules with cinnamon or slightly moistened bread to make a stack of cinnamon and bread, and drink it as a tablet.

Minutes after the first intake of cinnamon you will feel no pain and you’ll have much time to plan clearly your next actions. You can intake the same amount of cinnamon after a few hours until you feel no pain and swelling again. Apply this easy natural remedy for toothache during the first day of the ache development and then do your best to solve professionally the problem, visit your dentist because the awful toothache can be treated forever with cinnamon and other natural remedies.

Cinnamon can be used to resolve problems with swelling, pain, bleeding, including uterine. It is a very good astringent and styptic tool, and good disinfectant. Always keep cinnamon in your kitchen and you’ll have the perfect natural remedy for numerous pains and diseases.

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