Best Cancer-Healing Mushrooms

Using mushrooms to treat cancer is not quite a conventional treatment. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this disease is radiation and chemotherapy. However, since the alternative medicine has evolved, brand new cancer treatments have been found. They are less harmful and more natural. The studies have found that mushrooms can be extremely efficient in fighting against this horrible disease. They’re neither animal nor plant, and their medicinal values have been discovered centuries ago.

Best Cancer-Healing Mushrooms

Mushrooms and Their Anti-Cancer Properties

Recent research has shown that medicinal mushrooms can shrink tumors, fight cancer and strengthen the immunity. Not all mushrooms are efficient in combating cancer, but around 12 of them have been found to be extremely efficient. They will basically boost the immunity and, as a result, they can fight a wide array of conditions, including cancer. Moreover, the fungal proteins that these products contain come with antioxidant powers and combat the free radicals. Plus, they can speed up the healing process of the cancer patients.

Top 3 Anti-Cancer Mushrooms

Nature has offered us hundreds of types of mushrooms, but just some of them are effective in actually treating cancer. You can find the list below:

1. Chaga

This type of mushroom is widely used for its anti-cancer properties. Countries like Russia and Poland have also included the Chaga mushrooms on their cancer treatment list. Chaga tea in particular is extremely efficient. It can be obtained through the mushrooms’ infusion. Recent studies have proven that Chaga is a very potent anti-cancer remedy that has healed numerous individuals throughout the years.

2. Tramates Versicolor

This mushroom is also known as Turkeil tail and it can be found mainly in North America. However, it is exported to various other parts of the world. Some really promising studies have demonstrated that Tramates Versicolor is not only able to prevent and combat cancer, but it can also eliminate it permanently. So, include these mushrooms in your daily diet. They are also available as pills.

3. Reishi

This is a pretty popular mushroom, being used all over the world. Its alternative name is Ganoderma. The specialists and doctors have been using the mushrooms to treat different types of mushrooms and they have always been subject to research. Reishi has a thick structure and can be used in various dishes so as to benefit from its properties. You can also find it as powder or pill.

Important Facts About Mushrooms

Before using these fungi for cancer treatment, there are some things you must know about them:

– They are an important source of antioxidants and they are also excellent immune boosters. They even contain the master antioxidant – ergothioneine.

– The products containing mushrooms (pills, powder etc.) are extremely beneficial for women and they can treat breast cancer.

– The mushroom extracts have also been found to enhance the immune system in cancer patients. This gives the body enough strength to fight against cancer. At the same time, these extracts are powerful enough to lead to tumor regression. Some of the studies have even demonstrated that the tumor has completely disappeared after using these mushrooms.

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