Benefits of Lutein, An Antioxidant Found In Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are well known for being rich in antioxidants, with Lutein being among those that provide the greatest benefits to the body. Among its effects are the ability to ensure proper eye-sight, as well as the health of your brain and cardiovascular system.


It is extremely important to follow a diet that contains natural sources of lutein, as this antioxidant cannot be produced by your own body. While there are supplements to be found on the market, nothing can replace the fruits and vegetables where it can be found – you will benefit from more nutrients than what you can get from a single pill.

A diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits and vegetables does a great job of reducing various health risks. Kale, spinach, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, corn, and carrots are excellent for the purpose. Some of the recommended fruits for their lutein content are oranges, peaches, cherries, and papayas.

Here are some health benefits that it brings:

  • It delays aging signs on your skin

Antioxidants are known to battle the free radicals that lead to early aging signs on your skin, and this is no exception. Lutein helps protect against damage caused by the UV rays from the sun and other threatening agents commonly found in the environment. As you can imagine, this damage adds up over time, leading to a look that everyone wants to delay.

Regular consumption of lutein-rich foods protects you from early wrinkles, spots or any other common marks that appear with age.

  • Promotes a healthy vision

The UV rays protection offered by lutein also applies when it comes to your eyes. Researchers say that diets rich in this antioxidant also serve to protect against common age-related eye diseases. The risk of developing cataracts is believed to be significantly reduced. This condition makes the eyes become opaque, leading to great difficulties in everyday activities as vision can become severely impaired; besides making everything look blurry, the eyes become extremely sensitive to light.

Another eye disease that lutein protects against is macular degeneration, which happens when the retina deteriorates.

  • Promotes brain health

According to researchers, lutein plays an important role in ensuring a healthy state of the brain. All types of functions are enhanced when the antioxidant is consumed on a regular basis. Learning abilities, memory and an improved ability to focus are just a few of the benefits that you can get.

  • Helps with the health of your cardiovascular system

Lutein helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol, which translates to lower blood pressure. The way it acts is by delaying the oxidation of fat in the food consumed, reducing the risks of blood clots occurring. The benefits extend to the whole cardiovascular system, as your heart and vessels will not have to deal with excessive pressure being put on them.

If there is one thing to take from this, it’s that the benefits provided by lutein are too important for you to pass on. A healthy diet that incorporates natural sources of it is a sure way of taking care of your health.

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