Benefits Of Carob – A Chocolate Substitute

Carob is a substitute for cocoa powder and is used in preparing hot beverages, cookies, cakes, candies. Although you may not be familiar with this ingredient, farmers have been cultivating carob for more than one thousand years. It was first cultivated in Greece, but nowadays you can find it everywhere around the world. Muslims and Jews consume carob on their traditional holidays.

carob benefits

It’s widely known that sugar replacements aren’t good for your health, but carob is different. You’ll be amazed when you’ll find out more information about this shrub.

The carob beans that are used as substitutes for chocolate are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. So, carob can definitely improve your health. Here are the benefits of consuming foods that contain carob:

It diminishes osteoporosis risk

Carob has a great amount of phosphorus and calcium in its composition which can increase the quality of your bones. In other words, if you eat a chocolate product that contains carob, your bones can become stronger.

Diabetics can consume it

Good news! Carob is good for the persons who suffer from diabetes because it doesn’t contain much sugar. So, if you have diabetes and you eat a chocolate that contains carob, your blood sugar levels won’t be affected.

It can lower your bad cholesterol levels

Carob is loaded with polyphenols, antioxidants that have the ability to lower your bad cholesterol. If you’re having problems with high cholesterol, you can go to the supermarket and buy a carob-based product.

It improves your cardiovascular system

Carob is also good for the heart because it can prevent some cardiovascular problems. It controls the blood pressure, so the risks of having a stroke or a heart attack are reduced.

It fights against cancer

Due to its richness in antioxidants, carob inhibits the development of cancer. Additionally, specialists affirm that carob has some compounds that can do harm to cancer cells.

It has many amazing properties

People who suffer from migraines can’t eat chocolate because it can provoke these headaches. So, carob is the ideal ingredient for them because it has analgesic properties. Besides these properties, they also have antiviral and antibacterial attributes. Therefore, if you’re dealing with the flu, a cold or a cough, you can eat a carob-based food.

It treats diarrhea

Carob is rich in tannins, an organic substance that can treat several digestive issues. As a consequence, you can consume carob if you’re suffering from diarrhea. In addition, carob also has fiber in its composition, so it’s a good detoxifying remedy for the gut and it can prevent colon cancer.

Carob is an amazing substitute for cocoa powder, and it has numerous benefits from preventing cancer and osteoporosis to treating diarrhea, controlling blood pressure and curing colds. It comes in handy to have carob-based foods at home. Next time you’re buying chocolate, check the label to see if it contains carob or chocolate powder. Carob has become so popular lately, that most of the chocolate products don’t even contain chocolate powder anymore.

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