Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E

Famous for its health benefits, vitamin E has always been considered an essential nutrient that should never miss from our diets.

vitamin e benefits

Scientific studies confirmed that it can boost the immune system and protect you against chronic diseases. Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have to take vitamin E supplements and are recommended to include in their diet foods that are rich in this vitamin. The same piece of advice is provided for people suffering from diabetes, as vitamin E can improve the symptom of this disease and also prevent it. When it comes to prevention, the greatest benefit of this vitamin is that it can prevent cancer.

But how can this nutrient make your skin and hair look healthier? First and foremost, this fat-soluble vitamin is also a powerful antioxidant. This means that it protects you against free radical damage at cellular level. Let’s see how this antioxidant contributes to beautiful skin and hair.

Glowing skin

Being a fat-soluble antioxidant, this vitamin protects the cell membranes against the lipid oxidation, which can cause severe damage to cells. Moreover, the production of collagen of the skin cells is considerably lowered by the lipid oxidation. The protection provided by vitamin E in both ways helps at improving the skin’s appearance. Furthermore, this protection slows down the ageing process of your skin cells, which means that your skin will look young, keeping its elasticity.

When talking about anti-aging, you need to know that vitamin C and E are your best allies, and they work together. The effectiveness of each of them is dramatically boosted by the presence of the other one. Cell membranes are not the only ones protected by vitamin C and E, but also the DNA and enzyme sites.

If you want to improve the appearance of stretch marks or scars, you should also go with vitamin E. Moreover, even hyperpigmentation can be treated with vitamin E. It is needless to say that this vitamin can repair chapped lips and moisturize dry skin.

Thinking about all those beauty benefits, you can easily understand why so many care products, such as lotions, chapsticks, hand creams, etc. contain vitamin E.

Strong and shiny hair

Not only skin care products have vitamin E, but also those intended for hair care. Why? An individual compound of this vitamin, called tocotrienol is known for its significant effects on hair and scalp.

Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants which protect the scalp against oxidative stress and lipid oxidation. Through this action, they contribute to hair growth. In fact, one of the leading causes of hair loss is oxidative stress. Another primary cause is represented by nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin E deficiency. If you make sure to have a proper daily intake of this vitamin, you solve both problems that lead to hair loss.

When it comes to hair care, we cannot omit another significant issue that worries most of the women. Split ends are definitely not aesthetic, and the only way you can completely get rid of them is to cut them. But vitamin E helps in preventing split ends, so make sure you include foods that are rich in this vitamin in your diet.

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