An Apple A Day Keeps Cancer Away

A new study made by Australian researchers has given some amazing results. They discovered that there was a link between apple consumption and cancer prevention. It seems that an apple a day does not keep only the doctor away.

apples for cancer

This is the only study that has focused on the effects of apple consumption on mortality. The study lasted 15 years and was carried out on a group of 1,456 women over 70 years of age. During those 15 years, there were 607 deaths (of multiple causes). Studies indicated that a medium apple (154 g) per day reduced the risk of death from cancer by 47%. The data are also associated high consumption of apples with reduced risk of death from stroke. But there were some other impressive results. An apple a day reduced the risk of:

  • Fatal heart disease (by 49%)
  • Stroke (by 40%)
  • Parkinson’s disease (by 26%)

What do apples contain that make them a super food?

Apples contain flavonoids, which are cell protective plant chemicals. They act as antioxidants by attacking free radicals that are destructive to our genes. Flavonoids also support normal inflammation control.

Quercitin is another component that is found in all red foods, such as pomegranate, red onion or cranberries. To benefit from the properties of Quercitin, it has to be broken down by the healthy bacteria from our intestines. The component supports normal inflammation control, inhibits the cancer growth factors and supports and strengthens the tumor suppressor genes.

Procyanidin is a potent antioxidant that is mainly found in the apple skin, but also in red wine, chocolate, and cranberries. This phytochemical protects the DNA from damage, prevents the birth of cancer cells and can suppress the EGFR activity, which is a tumor growth factor receptor usually found in patients suffering from breast cancer.

Pectin and plant fibers are necessary for the development of healthy intestinal bacteria and a normal intestinal function. The bacteria in our intestines fight inflammation, regulate hormone metabolism and detoxify our body.

Vitamin C is a powerful cell-protective antioxidant, and it also plays an important role in the health of the lining of the digestive tract, the breathing passages, ligaments and tendons and promotes immune resistance to infections.

If you do not love eating apples, you can try adding them to green salads, cooked with sweet potatoes, carrots or winter squash, poached or baked with cinnamon or you can even make apple juice. Remember that most of the vitamins and anti-cancer components are in the peel, so try not to throw that away. Although these are an alternative to eating apples, most of their properties are lost during the cooking process.

Try to include in your daily diet as many foods that contain anti-inflammatory plant chemicals. This way, you will create an inner terrain that will not allow the development, growth and spread of cancer. But remember, the less processing done to the fruits and vegetables, the greater the health advantages. Learn how to live healthy by taking advantage of what nature gives you!

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