8 Clothing Items Causing Back Problems

Most of the times, we know what’s causing our back pains. A sedentary life represented by hours of sitting in a chair, no exercise and unhealthy eating habits, they are all contributors to this. However, there are times when we don’t really know why our backs or necks hurt. The key to solving this mystery could lie in the clothes and accessories we wear on a daily basis. They can be seen as silent killers of a good mood and as major causes of these pains. Here are 8 items you should avoid using:

clothing items that cause back pain

  • Flip-flops – These are the most unstable shoes you could wear. Even the fact that you need to hold them with your toes puts a lot of tension in the body. Your ankles and your body are the most affected.
  • High heels – The muscle coordination in your trunk and hips can be altered by constantly wearing high heels. They increase the risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries and abdominal spine conditions.
  • Heavy backpacks – These can change a person’s posture and cause serious problems. Children are the most prone to this, as they are the ones who need to carry their backpack every day to school.
  • Neckties – If the tie is too tight on the neck, it might cause muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, back and stiffness in the neck. If you can’t fit a finger between the tie and the neck collar, then the tie is too tight.
  • Pencil skirts and skinny jeans – They put a restraint on the body, so you can’t move naturally. You are unable to bend your knees properly and this can lead to disc problems. They might also change your posture.
  • Heavy necklaces – They create tension in the neck due to the fact that they are pulling in backwards or forward. This can have a negative impact on the back as well.
  • Halter tops – Since they cannot distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders, halter tops will pull the neck forward. Women with a large bust are the most affected.
  • Inappropriate bras – they are not able to offer you the support you need, so you can feel some back or breast pain.

If you are dealing with these kinds of pain, a far infrared heating pad is just the thing for you. The rays of this pad will cause a vibration at a molecular level, so the oxygen and the nutrients will be easily transported. The tissue will regenerate faster and the healing process will be significantly enhanced.

The pads will also stimulate the dilation of the blood vessels. The circulation will also be improved and the feeling of relief from the pain will be present more than ever.

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