6 Natural Treatments for Itching Eyes

There are numerous people suffering from itchy eyes. This problem is quite common and it gets serious during the allergy season and in the high-polluted environments. The condition causes an itchy sensation around the eyes area and in the eyes and if you rub your eye frequently, it can get recurring. In order to get rid of this incredibly annoying problem, the best thing to do is to use natural treatments such as the ones suggested below.

6 Natural Treatments for Itching Eyes

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are probably the healthiest products that you will find in your kitchen. In this case, they can help you thanks to their anti-irritation properties that will diminish the swelling, puffiness, irritation and inflammation that leads to this condition called itching eyes. All you have to do is wash a cucumber and cut a few slices. Put them in the refrigerator for almost 20 minutes and then apply them over your eyes and leave them there for 10 minutes. You can repeat the process up to 5 times daily until you see the symptoms disappear.

2. Green Tea

If you want to get instant relief from itching eyes, then you should use green tea bags because they have anti-inflammatory effects. So, boil two of these bags in one cup of water and then let it cool. You can wash your eyes with green tea two times per day. Alternatively, you can also use the tea bags and apply them on your eyes.

3. Milk

For this natural treatment, you must use cold milk. Use a cotton ball to dab it in the cold milk and then apply the compress on the eyes. You can also rub the cotton ball around the eyes. Repeat this routine every evening and every morning, until you get rid of the problem.

4. Aloe Vera

This plant is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties and it’s a perfect treatment for itchy, sore and dry eyes. Extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf and mix it with elderberry blossom tea (1/2 cup) and honey (1 teaspoon). Use the solution to rinse your eyes two times per day. You can also make use of raw aloe vera juice to wash your eyes.

5. Salt and Water

This is the handiest natural treatment for itching eyes. Utilize it as an eye rinse and it will immediately treat your inflamed and irritated eyes. Moreover, salt has antibacterial properties and will kill the bacteria in your eyes. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with distilled water (1 cup) and boil the mixture. After the solution has cooled down, you can use it to wash your eyes. Repeat the remedy several times per day, until the itching disappears.

6. Potatoes

Another simple natural treatment implies the use of raw potatoes. They have astringent properties and they will reduce inflammation and redness. Cut a potato into slices and put them in the refrigerator. Once they’re cool, you can put them on your eyes and leave them for up to 20 minutes. Repeat the remedy every evening, before bedtime, for up to 3 days.

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  1. Katie Edmondson are any of these things worth a try for your hay fever?

  2. Fab thanks! Just trying the green tea bags now! 🙂

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