5 Toxic Cookware and Other Healthy Cooking Alternatives

The cookware you use on a daily basis has a heavy saying in what your health is concerned. It is not enough to only pay attention to the quality of our food and check whether it has been sprayed with some pesticides or not. We also need to be extremely careful with the cookware we are using too. Here are 5 of the most toxic materials used in the manufacturing of cookware.

toxic cookware

  • Non-stick

This type of cookware is made out of fluoropolymers, which under the action of high temperatures are releasing perfluorooctanoic acid. In rats, this chemical will produce tumors while in our bodies it will slowly build up, as our systems are unable to metabolize it. It is yet unknown whether this acid is a carcinogen, but it is present in every person’s blood.

  • Copper

This soft metal is used in combination with nickel. When heated, these substances will release metallic toxins that will enter your food while cooking. Usually, copper is great for strengthening the bones, the immune system and for increasing the levels of energy. However, when the copper is in excess, it will harm the body, causing a vitamin C deficiency, cancers based on high levels of estrogen and problems with the connective tissues.

  • Lead

Glass, enameled cookware and some ceramic glaze may contain lead. This chemical is used to add strength and color to the cookware and it will get into our foods when the cookware is heated.

  • Aluminum

The excess of aluminum has the power to trigger Alzheimer’s. This is an issue that has been discussed for many years now. Today’s pans and pots that contain this substance are built better and the leeches of aluminum are lower. However, for the safety of your own body and mind, it is better to avoid using these.

  • Stainless steel

This is made of more than just one material. Iron, nickel, chromium, titanium, copper, vanadium or molybdenum – they are all in there. If they deteriorate in time – which they will – all these metals will be leached into your food.

Alternatives to toxic cookware

  • T-304 stainless steel – This is a non-leeching material that distributes the heat evenly and which requires plenty of oil to form a non-sticking surface.
  • Xtrema ceramic – The glaze is made of materials which are not toxic. It does not contain metals, cadmium or lead. Tests have been run to evaluate the metal leaching aspect, so it is completely safe to use.
  • Cast Iron – This is, actually, the only cookware that offers you nutritional benefits. Cooking foods that have a high dose of acid in them, like tomatoes, will increase your iron levels.

In the end, it does not really matter if you are preoccupied with eating healthy organic foods, as long as you are not paying attention to your cookware. If you feel like the cookware you are using might be having a negative impact on your health, consider changing it as soon as possible.

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