5 Creative Ways of Making Your Water Taste Better

Everybody knows that water is essential for preserving our health and wellbeing. It boosts our metabolism, ensuring its proper functioning. At the same time, it hydrates the body, it enhances the skin’s appearance, and keeps our energy levels up on the charts. Being free of calories, proper hydration can genuinely help you shed a couple of pounds as well. However, through exercise, namely sweat, you lose water. That’s why you should make sure you drink enough water, in this way, replacing the fluids that get lost on the way.

tasty water

According to experts, men should have somewhere around 125 ounces of water per day whereas women should drink 90 ounces daily. You should know that twenty percent of the water your body requires comes from your food, but you have to back up the other 80 percent by drinking it.

However, even though we know how essential water is for our health, often, we don’t hydrate accordingly. Why? Water is tasteless, so, it may be dull drinking 12 glasses of tasteless liquid a day. Not so fast, though, before replacing your water with sweet, sugary beverages, hear me out. You can improve the taste of your water by considering the following five creative ideas.

  • Include green slices of cucumber

By doing something as simple as adding a slice of cucumber to your water, you can relish a genuinely refreshing, non-boring drink. Additionally, did you know that cucumber increases a woman’s libido? Good news, right?

  • Make a fruity drink

Make your water taste much better by mixing up some fruity combinations. Fruits are great sources of antioxidants, and they taste amazing! So, add slices of whatever fruits you enjoy most, varying from mango, berries, orange, pineapples, cherries, or whatever you may have lying around the kitchen, and your drink will be delicious, and super healthy!

  • Add a bit of sparkle

You can grab a bottle of sparkly water, which is bubbly and less boring, minus the calories. If, however, you still find it quite tedious, don’t hesitate to mix it with a twist of lime or, even better, some sugar-free, all natural fruit juice.

  • Give flowers and herbs a try

Adding some fresh-cut ginger, or mint leaves to your water can really make you look forward to drinking it. Lavender and rose hips are also great ideas for doing that. Plus, these flowers are loaded with vitamin C, which means they can diminish arthritis pain.

  • Combine your water with tea

Why not benefit from the advantages of drinking tea? You should know that black tea, for instance, has flavonoids and catechins, both being genuinely helpful in enhancing your cardiovascular health as well as preventing cancer. Also, did you know that green tea decreases the risks of many health conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease? At the same time, green tea is useful in helping you shed a couple of pounds, increasing the calorie burn! I hope you’re convinced that you need to benefit from this array of advantages by drinking more tea!

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