3 Tips to Diminish Your Stress Hormone Level the Natural Way

Cortisol, also referred to as the stress hormone, is released by your adrenal glands especially when you are in danger, or your body perceives a particular situation as a threat. At that moment, cortisol and adrenaline are released, so that your energy level and strength are boosted.

reduce stress hormone levels

Therefore, stress is one of the factors that grow your cortisol level. But what if you are in a continuing state of stress? If your lifestyle is stressful, then your cortisol level is high, putting your overall health in danger. In order to protect your health, you must reduce your stress hormone. Otherwise, you risk developing a broad range of diseases and disorders, such as sleep apnea, constipation, osteoporosis, reduced muscle mass, increased fat mass, weak immunity, reduced glucose utilization, etc.

But before rushing to the pharmacy to get some pills to release stress, consider the following tips that will help you to do this naturally. By following these pieces of advice, you will encounter no side effect. On the contrary, you will improve your overall health and mood.

  • Immerse yourself in relaxing music

It is well-known that music has a significant impact on your mood. When you face difficult or stressful times, listening to some soothing music may be exactly what you need, because this reduces the cortisol levels, calming you down quickly.

A study published in 2003 reveals that when exposed to music, people recover much faster from stress. The participants were divided into two groups; the first one listened to relaxing music during the recovery, the other group was treated in silence. Their saliva was tested to see the levels of cortisol, and it has been proven that soft music decreases the post-stress response of the human body.

  • Go for a massage

A relaxing massage is something you deserve in stressful times. Your muscles and nerves are stimulated through massage so that your body is calmed down.

In fact, massage also promotes good sleep, and we all know that sleep disorders are very frequent during stressful situations. And the best thing is that it is not necessary to have it before you go to bed. You can benefit from it anytime during the day. It will still help you get rid of sleep issues.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, massage not only decreases cortisol levels but also increases dopamine and serotonin levels. These hormones are also called happiness hormones.

  • Do exercises that eliminate stress

If you ever had a workout session or did any type of exercises, you probably know how much can physical activity boost your mood. Sometimes, when you feel drained, but you still struggle to do some aerobic or go for a walk or jogging, you end up feeling much better, full of energy and in a great mood.

A multitude or scientific studies confirmed the amazing benefits of exercising on our bodies. One of these effects is that they decrease the production of cortisol.

Aerobics, Yoga, jogging and similar activities are usually recommended for those who suffer from anxiety and depression because they also enhance the release of serotonin and dopamine.

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