12 Factors That Keep You from Losing Weight

How many times have you tried to lose weight? How many times did you manage to lose most of what your initial aim has been, but felt like you got stuck on those last few pounds you still needed to get rid of?

can't lose weight

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, in spite of the fact that we exercise regularly and that we are careful with what we eat, we just can’t seem to be able to eliminate those last extra pounds. If this happens, it means that we must have lost something from our sights. Here are 12 possibilities you ought to take into consideration:

  • Workout just to overeat afterwards

You should avoid exercising too much, just so that you can feel like you can eat anything afterwards. Always try to eat as healthy as possible and in normal quantities.

  • Exercising a bit too much

Be careful when you are making your exercises. If you will work out for too long, then you will have to deal with muscle pain and inflammation for days to come.

  • Lack of sleep

You should sleep for about 7-8 hours per night. If you do not get enough sleep, there will be an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which will leave you hungry on a constant base.

  • Problems with the thyroid

If you notice that you are unable to lose weight, even though you are doing everything in your power, then you should go to a doctor and see if there might be something wrong with your thyroid. The problems in this area could have an impact on your metabolism.

  • Having a fat-free diet

Keep in mind the fact that not all fats are harmful. There are healthy ones too, such as those that come from fish, nuts, seeds or avocado.

  • Bad food

In order to lose weight, you should have at least 5-6 meals a day. If the combination you are having is not made up of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean proteins, you might be in trouble.

  • Too much sugar

Sugar appears everywhere. Check the ingredients before buying anything.

  • Late night snacks

Your last meal of the day should be 3 hours before going to bed. No activity in bed, plus a quick snack at night, will result in more fatty tissue.

  • No vitamin D

This is essential when it comes to losing weight. Eat mushrooms, fish, tofu and dairy products. Also, go out more often and enjoy the sun!

  • Toxins

The pollutants can make you gain weight by playing with your hormones. Make sure to get rid of toxins by eating fibers and foods that are rich in antioxidants.

  • Too much focus on slimming down

Instead of focusing your attention on how to become thinner, you should focus on how to become healthier. Consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

  • Stressing out too much

The adrenal glands which are activated whenever you feel stressed will leak a hormone called cortisol. This is the one making you feel hungry all the time and impeding you from losing weight.

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