11 Factors That Can Boost Your Immune System

You might be taking supplements to add strength to your immune system, but you can tell that, although, they might be working, there is something that escapes your eyes. You are not feeling as healthy as you should be, but what are you missing?

boost immunity

Sometimes, even though you might be following all the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal, you could be missing some, apparently insignificant, stages. We made a list of 11 things you could be skipping and which could be the answer to your question.

  • Sanitize your everyday items – Germs are laying on your computer keyboard, doorknobs or any other items you are touching every day. Clean your hands immediately and disinfect them as often as you can.
  • Working night shifts – This can cause a lack of vitamin D, the vitamin you are taking from being exposed to the sun. To increase its amount, spend 15 minutes outside every day.
  • Not consuming immunity-boosting foods – It is very important to pay attention to the things you ingest. Lean beef, mushrooms or sweet potatoes are your best allies in fighting the cold.
  • Stay hydrated! – If you are having a cold, you need to stay hydrated. A cup of hot herbal tea and some hot chicken soup can make wonders for you!
  • Not washing your hands – Wash your hands before eating, after getting home, after shaking hands, after using the toilet, etc. This way, you will keep the germs away. Keep a hand sanitizer close to you when you are out, too!
  • Not exercising – Exercising will increase your heart rate and get the oxygen flowing through your body. Your muscles and your immune system will be stronger. If you don’t exercise, you will be more prone to various diseases related to your bones and spine.
  • Drinking soda – Just one cup of soda will contain more sugar than you need to take in over the course of a day. You are abusing your immune system with this habit!
  • Smoking – It does not matter if you are smoking or if someone you stay with is. The effect is the same. Smoking can lead to bronchitis and other infections of the chest.
  • Drinking alcohol – Actually, drinking too much alcohol will weaken your immune system. It will cause sleeping problems and put a strain on the mental processes and, ultimately, lead to liver problems. A glass once in a while will bring health benefits, but the excessive consumption will get you a weak immune system.
  • Not getting enough sleep – You need to sleep at least 7 hours a night so that your body can be fully functional the very next day. Make sure that the bedroom is darkened and that it has an appropriate temperature.
  • Laughing – They say that laughter is the best medicine. It is true! Laughing can stimulate the production of antibodies and the presence of the cells belonging to the immune system. So, laugh as often as you can and stay happy! A positive attitude is what you need to fight unpleasant conditions.

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