10 Hobbies That Can Help You Calm Your Mind

Modern lifestyle is hectic, stressful and fast paced. Therefore, one must have quite some mental strength to keep up with all the daily challenges. From time to time, we need to disconnect from all the background noise and find some peace and tranquility in doing what we love.

hobbies to calm your mind

It’s not only about relaxing and entering a meditation flow-state, but it’s also about igniting creativity, using our brains in other ways than just following orders, calculating bills and solving daily issues. Even if you do not have any hobbies (although that’s kind of impossible) there is always time to cultivate new ones.

What are the hobbies that can help you take a break?

  • Photography

Photography is fun, creative and can also prove to be productive. Seeing the world through the camera’s lens and finding purpose and beauty in everything will prove quite satisfying and soothing. Plus, you will always have your pictures that will help you appreciate the bright and beautiful side of life.

  • Gardening

Gardening is a complex hobby, with multiple advantages for the body. It relieves stress, soothes the soul, calms the mind and improves the mood. Gardening activates all the senses, connecting you with nature and the repetitive activities such as digging, weed pulling, planting and harvesting strengthen your muscles and bones.

  • Music

Composing and listening to music relieves stress, calms your mind, reduces anxiety, promotes the feeling of power and decreases pain. Scientists believe that rhythmic music has a therapeutic effect in treating several neurological diseases as it stimulates the brain. Gentle music helps to reduce your level of cortisol stress hormone.

  • Painting

If you are creative and art oriented, you can try painting. The different, vibrant colors impact your mood and have different energy levels: red is passion, blue is tranquility, purple is creativity, etc. Painting helps you release anger and tension, makes your mind sharper and opens your creative outlet.

  • Cooking

Although cooking is not for everyone, it can be a stress-busting and pleasurable hobby. Chopping and cutting food, finding the right combination of spices and flavors and nurturing others works as a therapy for your mind.

  • Crafting

DIY projects are rewarding, fun, relaxing and will put your mind at ease. Scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, making jewelry or creating postcards will keep you focused and will help you forget about the everyday problems. How about doing a crafting project with your entire family? This way, you will spend more time together while doing a fun activity.

  • Reading & Writing

Reading a book or newspaper, even for 5 minutes, will reduce stress, ease muscle tension and slow down the heart rate. By keeping a journal or writing down a story, you will promote healing and wellness through creative expression.

  • Biking

What can be more relaxing than riding your bike in a  beautiful alley or park? Thinking of nothing, clearing your mind and enjoying the present is what you need to recharge your batteries. And being physically active will also reduce the chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases or arthritis.

  • Dancing

So what if you’re not a good dancer? Nobody will judge you in the privacy of your home. Dancing can help you relieve tension, stress, anxiety and depression. What will you get? A boost in mood, improved body condition, energy and why not, some new moves to show off in front of your friends.

  • Pet kipping

Playing with your dog, listening to your cat purr or taking care of your hamster provide several health benefits, among which lowering high blood pressure, reducing stress, lowering cholesterol levels, improving mood and calming the mind. Keeping a pet is a responsibility, but the reward is tons of cuteness and unconditional love.

Hobbies are fun, relaxing and they help you disconnect from all the worries and problems.  Choose the one that fits your personality and escape from reality even for a short period.

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