My Menopause and Weight Gain Story

Hi everyone, Stephanie here,

I thought why not write about my own story so I decided to write.

My Menopause and Weight Gain Story

Like all women I was looking for a boost to get me going. I set about looking for a lifestyle that would suit me and my body type. I was always susceptible to being overweight but was never obese in my opinion anyway, but I did have a few pounds to lose 42 in fact.

I started on my quest. I think I must have read every book under the sun. From the strictest Diets to ones where you could only eat Green Vegetables (That one did not last long!), until I found a method that worked for me (My Method).

I was at my Witt’s end with so much information around I looked to friends and websites where people had already achieved my goal. I managed to track down a friend who had already achieved my Lost the Weigh and asked her what her magical secret was.

All she gave me was a website address and said have a look. After having a look at the website I went back to my friend and said “I understand that this will help, but why does it help me lose weight”. She said “The reason you struggle to lose weight is because of Menopause, as your body goes through the change it struggles to lose weight. By lowering the stress of the symptoms on your body the easier it is to lose weight” This really made sense to me and anything that helped with menopause had to be given a shot.

I have never looked back since trying Menozac. It really was the game saver. From there I lost weight with ease and on top of that I had great symptom relief.

From taking menozac this program I managed to drop the full 42 pounds over 8 months and 12 days (I counted!). It was an amazing feeling. Along with Menozac I learned the following principles from there Free Online Weight Loss Program (Free with your purchase).

  1.  Choose a Diet and Stick with it. The biggest problem is going with a diet and then changing 3 months down the track.
  2.  Set very specific Goals and visualize the end result. I used to see myself looking in the mirror on Christmas day and being proud of my body. I could see every detail and this was very powerful.
  3. Take it in Steps. Do not change everything on day one. Cut out bad habits gradually as it takes 3 weeks to change a habit. Think if you got rid of just 1 really bad habit a month. Where would you be in a year’s time?
  4. To begin with take yourself away. What I mean by this is do not put yourself in to tempting situations. While you are changing the habit stay away from fast food restaurants and the candy store.

Those were the 4 big secrets I learnt about losing the weight and keeping it off (which is more important in my opinion). I really cannot recommend Anne’s book enough. Without her I would be embarrassed to go out which is not something anyone should feel like.

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