Hormone Imbalance Weight Gain Treatment Options

When women begin to experience the onset of menopause, they begin to struggle with controlling present discomforts and potential ones as well. Unexpected mood swings are commonly present, in addition to stress, night sweats, and hot flashes. As if this isn’t enough to handle, hormone imbalance weight gain is also a problem.

Hormone Imbalance Weight Gain Treatment Options

Causes of Weight Gain

Hormonal imbalance happens when female hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, are out of proportion. As a result, there is an abnormal amount of estrogen that gets retained in the body fat. Thus, hormone imbalance weight gain occurs in women that are middle aged. During this process, women also lose muscle mass which results in a decline in the metabolic rate. The abdominal region then gains more fat and fatty deposits and shifted to the buttocks and below the bust line.

A discrepancy in a woman’s hormone levels indirectly adds to food cravings. The stress from hormone imbalance can cause a woman to seek out comfort foods. A woman’s food patterns and requirements also chance since the hormone levels are abnormal. At the end of the day, this all results in a hormone imbalance weight gain that is unwanted.

Treatment Options

The nature of your endocrine glands and how they function is out of your control. Though, the menopausal symptoms that are causing distress can be alleviated by using certain alternatives. These alternatives include oral supplements, herbs, acupuncture, among others. You might be surprised at the difference a balanced diet can make in your life. Not consuming an excess of highly-processed sugars, saturated fats, and caffeine is encouraged. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to certain sugars, proteins, unsaturated fats, and other minerals can go a long way to getting relief from symptoms.

Each method of treatment varies in terms of how effective it is. Hormone therapy, however, is the method that is probably the most well known in terms of treating hormone imbalance weight gain. This is also referred to as hormone replacement therapy, and it involves the addition of synthetic hormones to the body, which is often done orally.

Hormone replacement therapy has been linked to ovarian and breast cancer, so it’s not as attractive to some. Though, this form of therapy is much safer now due to the modifications that were made to it. Now, natural hormones have been created that are exactly the same as the ones that originated from your body. Patches are used as a means to get these hormones in your body. The amount received is monitored so that the body gets exactly what it needs.

Accordingly, hormone imbalance weight gain can be treated effectively when a therapeutic measure such as this one is administered carefully.

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