Yarrow Tea and Its Amazing Benefits for Allergies, Digestion and Inflammation

Herbs are beneficial for a wide array of ailments and health conditions. In fact, some of them are even better than the common medications that we all use. When it comes to treating minor ailments, the natural products always come in handy. Yarrow, for example, is a plant that has numerous medicinal and healing properties and it can be found almost all over the US and Europe. You will immediately recognize it by its small white or lavender flowers and segmented leaves. Yarrow tea is prepared using the leaves, flowers and branches of the plant and it’s extremely efficient in treating a wide array of conditions, as you will see below.

Yarrow Tea and Its Amazing Benefits for Allergies, Digestion and Inflammation

Stress Relief

The thujone in the yarrow is mildly hypnotic and will immediately relax you. Some compare it with marijuana, but you must rest assured because it does not have the same side effects and it will not cause addiction. Consume yarrow tea before going to bed, so as to relieve your nerves from the stress. It is also a great remedy for tension and anxiety.

Relief from Allergies

Yarrow tea is also extremely useful for those who suffer from allergies. The plant has a natural drying property that can ease chronic sinusitis and nasal drips. At the same time, it soothess the swelling and the irritation in the nasal glands.

Cleanses the Body

By consuming yarrow tea on a regular basis, you will be able to detoxify and cleanse your body. The product has diuretic properties and will promote urination and sweating. As a result, you will eliminate all the toxic elements and waste products from your body. Yarrow tea is also beneficial for those who suffer from water retention.

Aids Digestion

If you have frequent stomach issues, then you can treat them by drinking yarrow tea. This anti-spasmodic agent will relax the stomach and intestines muscles. It will also promote the nutrient absorbtion and will ease digestion. It is also beneficial against flatulence.

Beneficial for Cold Treatment

If you have a cold, you can reduce its symptoms, including the fever by consuming yarrow tea. Drink the hot tea when your fever is rising. The beverage is going to allow sweating by opening the skin pores. As a result, it will reduce the fever.

Fights Inflammation

Yarrow is a plant that has anti-inflammatory qualities. Thus, if you suffer from an inflammatory disease, including rheumatoid arthritis or gout, you can get relief by drinking yarrow tea. Its consumption will also help you eliminate the uric acid that gathers in thye bone joints.

Healthy Gallbladder

Yarrow tea contains powerful compounds that are going to enhance the gallbladder’s bile flow. In return, the body will benefit from improved digestive capability. At the same time, the yarrow tea can prevent the gallstone formation.

Relief from Menstruation Cramps

If you suffer from frequent menstrual cramps and pain, then you can say “good-bye” to your PMS medications and welcome yarrow tea instead. This beverage is going to offer relief from cramps by facilitating the menstrual flow. Still, if your pre-menstrual symptoms are extremely serious, then you should consult a doctor before consuming the yarrow tea.

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